Group PROPLEKS Certificate

" Manufacturers can create your own monitoring system quality and use existing national and international. As a rule, the certification assesses the state of manufacturing, human technology, the level of training, as well as corporate culture and attitude towards customers. After which the company receives from the manufacturer so-called "certificate of trust", which is for the consumers of its products an additional guarantee of quality. In addition, Certified Partners are usually given preferential treatment: special conditions of supply, special price, technical support. Many large companies provide training for professionals their partners and even pose for this training center. It should be noted that the mechanism of certification partner for many years used a number of industries.

For example, for software vendors and companies working in the it business, a partnership of leading developers certificate is a prerequisite for success in the market. Another example – own system of government or an international certification. After all, everyone is well known that the organization and the laboratory carrying out its field itself must have an appropriate certificate of the state or international system of quality, confirming their competency. Say experts understand the nature and characteristics of this process, as well as to verify its usefulness, comments of experts to help companies with experience in certification or pass it. Here is what Leo Minullin, director of advancement Group PROPLEKS: "In carrying out certification procedures, we look at the line of production technologies, business premises and offices of the standards adopted in the company, check documents, catalogs, equipment, pay attention to how to build relationships with customers and service personnel. .