In recent years, the IT giant HP has massive problems with the Nvidia chipsets of the so-called consumer series Stuttgart October 2012: Hewlett Packard is the largest IT companies in the world, with a turnover of 127.2 billion U.S. dollars in 2011. A major portion of its revenue now makes HP with innovative services and services, however, producers in the world is still one of the largest PC and notebook HP. There were problems, particularly with the so-called consumer series of HP laptops lately. In particular are affected dv7 HP and HP dv9000 series. These series were sold in large quantities about the well-known electronics retailer in Germany. This means, these series are very widespread. In this notebook, the chipset of the notebook becomes too hot due to a construction error.

Indefinitely, according to reports from affected mostly exactly 2 years after purchase of the product (a rogue who harm it thinks), located on the motherboard nVidia chipset is adopted. The device displays now no picture, or brings only moved or lining-side image. In some cases, take HP of the problem and offers for certain batches an extended warranty, but only if the customer first logs on a need. In fact, so the client should inform whether there might be problems with his notebook–a rather unfortunate arrangement. Because the warranty extension is valid only for certain types, can be remedied after the expiry of the 2 years warranty only by professional workshops for HP notebooks. Some providers have already set up are on the large amount of notebooks and offer flat-rate prices for repair of HP NVIDIA notebook Chipsatze.Dennoch show large differences in the quality of HP notebook repair. Therefore, you should make an accurate selection of the repair shop in practice. Unfortunately tummeln is on the market of many repair service provider which your craft not or only partly understand.

Because circulating on the Internet, also because of the great spread of the affected series, numerous videos that show a simple repair of the problem. By short-term heating of the affected chipset, the devices should work again you do indeed, but only for 1-2 weeks. Who wants to enjoy longer so its repair, must take necessarily some money in the hand. Then is the repair with complete desoldering and replacing the affected chip set and promises thus permanent repair success. CONCLUSION: you can see the pure weight of selling HP equipment appears almost impossible to cover all cases with an additional warranty for HP. Is interesting but be seen how the customers react and which notebook brand next finds its way into the shopping bag so could be the actions of HP only in the short term economic right. written by Daniel Berger (advertising (at) comsmile.de)