Industrial Espionage

Theory of espionage has been announced in my articles ufologists from Poland, Yashekom Dombrovski, but unlike his 'space' now (), some experts believe that a black banner has an earthly origin, and most mundane tasks. Colonel Steven ***, CIA, USA: "… we know that the attempt to create a 'black banner' was made by Igor Bock in Novosibirsk, one of the closed physical institutions. We do not have accurate information that it came out 'black banner', perhaps it was simply an attempt to recreate or to explore technologies related to 'BB', but as a result, Bock, Igor and his two assistants were killed … "Alexander, the FSB, Russia:" …

repeated attempts by Western intelligence agencies stage a provocation, including in the information field, to put it mildly short-sighted and dangerous. Their charges to our address in an attempt to create the notorious black banner for spying absurd and ridiculous. Our scientists, as far as I know, were not carried out experiments in this direction … "Here we must recognize that not quite right, both experts. Igor Bock really worked in Novosibirsk closed Institute and is developing in the field of chemical synthesis, but he is alive and well and now teaches in Marseille (France).

But the FSB officer disingenuous to say that no development has taken place. At least conducted experiments on repetition of Technology 'BB', and they really ran the explosion, but not in the Novosibirsk and St. Petersburg Institute. About the dead, to me at least, nothing is known. Views of other experts are not so clearly pronounced political subtext-spy Ariel ***, Mossad, Israel: "… there are other methods and technologies in the exploration, including information that is more effective than a black banner" to gather political Intelligence data. But here as a tool for industrial or economic espionage – it's ideal … "And indeed – most often the appearance of 'BB' was observed in the networks of large insurance and IT-companies, banks and industrial corporations than in private computer users. Which corporations recorded appearance of "BB"? What financial or technological secrets might interest him? Are there ways to protect themselves and why they do not always effective? This is what I'll detail in future articles.