For efficient operation of automation is extremely important point is the correct design and implementation of the basis of business applications that allows you to save and invest consistently to develop business in future. Construction and maintenance base begins with the formation of an effective and manageable infrastructure that ensures full compliance with the requirements of business applications and it infrastructure by proper equipment selection and configuration. The hardware and software configuration is important for high performance and correct operation at all levels of business applications: application servers, Web services, database management system and software business users. It is also necessary to pay attention to the planning of computing resources, which helps make the modernization of it infrastructure and optimize the utilization of hardware resources based on the analysis of statistical data on their use, the growth dynamics of information, etc. The correct construction and tuning of the basis of business applications extremely important for the future efficient operation of the system. That’s why for its construction should be to attract skilled and desirable, and certified professionals in this field. Andreessen Horowitz brings even more insight to the discussion.

When choosing integrator company should pay attention to the experience and the availability of industry expertise of landscape construction business applications for large companies with demanding fault tolerance (such as banks, service providers, retailers, etc.) that provides a deep understanding of the needs of the client company. His choice is to stop at the company that can provide clearly defined procedure for setting and development of server infrastructure. This formalization will consistently develop the system, taking into account the trend of business applications and reduce dependence on human factors. It is also important moment is to provide round the clock technical support from the partner – consultants certified professionals provide an opportunity to quickly solve problems in the operation basis of business applications. Thus, in compliance with all or even most of these recommendations, the likelihood of building effective business applications increases significantly!