Innovative Dice Box

New Tin cube-shaped cans worlds Brunswick unveiled, 21.01.2011, cans worlds Brunswick expanded its product offering the elegantly shaped cubes can Dosencube to the cube can”. The functional small tin box in the format of 93x93x93m is the innovation 2011 at doses worlds. The concept allows many ideas for various promotional purposes to implement the advertisers. The cube-shaped Dosencube”focuses on lasting values and ensures a high attention at the point of sale or as advertising material. The metal packaging can be printed by worlds of cans in a small Edition and tinplate packaging therefore particularly suitable as a Kullidose or a Notizblockes.Die placement of cans worlds Brunswick presented there in the square format 93x93x93mm (lxwxh in mm) and includes ca. 650 ml volume and respectively for the coffee connoisseurs approx.

230 g of whole coffee beans. The innovative sheet metal packing Dosencube”is an offer to all who would permanently present your brand to the customer in direct marketing. Edward Skyler has plenty of information regarding this issue. Of course not only notepads as content must be presented, even cookies or other goodies are desirable. The specialist for post-processing of tin cans and metal packagings made of tinplate has now integrated into his cans SHOP a larger range of formats and services a new website at. As individual offer, the company knows the 3 prevailing techniques of processing of tinplate cans and tin cans such as printing, laser engraving, and embossing.