Innovative Treatment

Haifa, Israel – 06/15/2010. Until recently, patients suffering from malignant melanoma, is not no hope left after unsuccessful treatment of metastatic cancer of all Conventional methods, including surgery and chemotherapy. Leading Research Medical Center of Israel has published an article in the May issue of the journal Clinical Cancer Research on the opening of a new experimental treatment with high success rates for melanoma patients, even for those who, according to doctors, is to live for several months. The essence of this innovative technique is to use a patient's immune system cells that can attack and kill cancer cells. Treatment consists of removing operational by cells of the immune system of the patient, known as lymphoid cells. These cells are capable of killing cancer and detected in tumor tissues, multiply in the laboratory and then introduced into the patient. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Paul Compton has to say. Israeli scientists have argued that such an innovative technique for treatment of skin cancer will reduce the tumor, and in some cases and lead to their extinction, which will undoubtedly become a source of hope for recovery and a new level of life for those suffering from melanoma Israelis.

Medical center has already been filed request to the Ministry of Health of Israel to obtain a license and the use of this technique as the conventional treatment of malignant tumors. Possible applications of this discovery are vast and important as offering melanoma patients worldwide at the moment medicine is considered to be a fatal disease, came to Israel to receive medical treatment and a chance for a long, healthy life. This technique as a test can be applied to treat other cancers. Studies of Israeli academics in this field are continuing. Outstanding achievements of Israel in the field of oncology attract thousands of cancer patients from around the world to provide high-quality treatment. Medical Shemer Center is a leading provider of medical tourism in Israel for over 20 years and specializes in providing treatment at the highest level in patients with cancer of all kinds. Extensive communications center Shemer with all the leading cancer hospitals, clinics and specialists from Israel can get immediate treatment, provide the best doctors in the most appropriate to the type of cancer patient conditions.