Internet Business

It is worth noting that this would be good, if not mess with the definitions of terms and lack of logical thought by many entrepreneurs who want to attract funding to their projects. Well, for example, a recent case. Not so long ago we asked a citizen to develop a business plan for its production project. Like, there is a potential investor, desired to see the document prepared by the international standards of business planning. Since the client insisted that all the information he present, and it should only result in a normal format, he was sent to fill in the questionnaire. In the questionnaire is quite simple tabular form, which should make the data adequate for what would be calculated based on their financial model. Well, in addition to answer the questions for the description of the company, the essence of the project organization plan and, in part, determine the marketing situation.

When the man saw that same questionnaire, with his hand followed by an outburst of indignation. For some reason, he decided that this is the completed application form and they have a ready business plan. But how? Decals are. Tsiferki plates in there. The most that neither is ready business plan, for which someone else pay it! Tried to explain, sent samples – is useless. The client is furious biting at the bit, deciding that it bred. Well, that's his problem.

I do not know what and how they had decided. Inadequate around us enough. It is not a occurs. There are still narrow-minded people who can not use the Internet and search engines, respectively. Gentlemen! I do not advertise Google, but without it anywhere. Everything that I have written here is written, rewritten up to me hundreds of options. The fact that you still do not know how to present, develop and capitalize on their ideas – it does not matter. Everything comes with time. The main and rather risky for you theme – finding a partner that can implement all of your development, and for all that you do not throw. The choice of an adequate partner – a very sore subject. Personally, I not once got burned on this issue. I will try soon to tell more about your mistakes. Andrew Stadnik BFM Group Ukraine