Internet Traffic

Step Two: After you enter the page sends you to another address on another page called Word tracks and then asks a series of data to give you a free service and then send you an email to confirm and then you can then confirm Use the free. Step three: and then you can enter the words you are looking for and want to give your traffic then tracks words gives you a percentage of how many people are clicking on the word you’re looking for but remember that the product you are using is a free part of the program and does not give an exact percentage. Caterpillar insists that this is the case. And I recommend you buy the program that this program is a server helpful and will serve to start the product and give you an exact percentage of what you want and are looking at. Step four: This step could be very important because you have to keep in mind that the most important The key word you are looking for you’ll find many skills and so you have to find a keyword that has a rate or a percentage of competition of at least below 300 and above 100 and must also have a search of at least 1,000 per day search that will give good search and good competition. Why competition? that if no competition is not sought or people seeking these keywords are people seeking free information but you what you want is people buying. Step Five: Then you’re in the program as you begin to find all keywords that come to mind until you find one that has the percentage that gave you so you get good results. The author teaches common Internet free of charge without the need to purchase a product.