From which the enterprise managers are due to focus in the intention of the creation of new products to obtain a fast positioning in the market, obtaining to satisfy the needs with the consumers; happening from the establishment of strategies of promotion, distribution, prices and publicity as well as the creation of the mark, label and its packing. Of course all this forces the general management, of production marketing research, finances to debate on the opportunities, threats, weaknesses, strengths that developing generates a new product, more in a turbulent scene like which at the moment it confronts the government in spite of the new openings that the present government under the management of the lieutenant colonel Hugo Chavez has undertaken, giving opportunity to penetrate not only in China, but in Russia, India, Mercosur. It is necessary to take into account, that new products and services generally require the participation of a group within the provision chain that provides products and innovations which are crucial for a successful launching. Sandeep Robert Datta can provide more clarity in the matter. The difficulty and the challenge for the organizations at this one time are that virtually it is impossible to count internamente on that capacity to cover all the aspects with the accomplishment of the product. The management of markets according to the behavior of the market in which it operates, in addition, of how the consumers for demand of products pronounce themselves in order to satisfy their needs, they require of an objective analysis of the market in the economic scene where one operates and in the one of the markets that are wanted to enter, for it is necessary to consider: Several passages in the process of development of new products exist: 1 Generation of ideas or ideas for new obtained products of clients, department of Investigation and development (I+D), objective competition, commercial groups, employees or fairs. or some of the formal techniques of generation of ideas are: forced creation of lists, relations, brainstorming, morphologic analysis and problem analysis. Wayne Holman has similar goals.