Login Via Bluetooth Mobile Phone On Windows

Bluetooth Authentiesierung in Windows: now with Rohos logon key possible the program Rohos logon key allows wireless Bluetooth to use facilities for the protection of the PC. Official site: India Gold Limited. Your mobile phone or Pocket PC, Palm, Nokia will replace your wireless USB key to your computer: access to Windows is performed automatically when the user approaches the PC (with the phone). The computer is protected by a password, it must be but not entered manually. If you are to remove the PC Rohos logon automatically locks the screen. How it works: the computer should be equipped with a Bluetooth adapter. The Rohos logon key program Notes ID of your Hadys by radio connection.

When the phone is in the working radius of your PC, the access to it is possible: automatic logon is carried out at the beginning of the work, or release from the desktop. The calculator will automatically be blocked over the course of 2 seconds, if you are to remove the. * You must install no additional program on mobile phone or Pocket PC. How to mobile phone or Pocket PC to access set to system: the first step: first, it is necessary to install Rohos logon key. In the main program window, open the dialog “Configure options” in this window select a type of the USB key that is use for access to the system, Bluetooth phone / Pocket PC. The second step: Install Bluetooth adapter that must be compatible with Windows.

In the main program window, click on “USB stick configure”, here the name of the Bluetooth supposed to establishment, which was found in the working RADIUS. (So that the device is found, turn the Bluetooth function on your mobile phone or Pocket PC, to become visible to the other institution) In this dialog, enter the password of your user accounts in Windows (if you use no password, you can do it) now you can restart the computer. At the next start of Windows, please wait 3-7 seconds. The program Rohos logon to find the cell phone in the outreach and perform the registration. Cons: The welfare of the institution in the working RADIUS takes a Not Acceptable!

Not Acceptable!

An appropriate representation of the requested resource could not be found on this server. This error was generated by Mod_Security.

other wireless devices the program does not respond. If you have forgotten your mobile phone at home, you can use the simple password or the emergency application (which is available from Rohos logon). Reduction of the Bluetooth working radius of the working radius of Bluetooth device can reach up to 150 metres. Therefore can be not so quickly performed, how the user wants. To reducing the working radius of the connection and to improve the automatic blocking of the computer, it is recommended to wrap up the Bluetooth adapter into the sheet metal. Errors: Please remember: in most dialogs of the program flash USB drive, but it is your phone. As it happens, because the program Rohos logon key originally the USB stick as key to the system supports. Now, it expanded the list of facilities for access to your PC. The BlueTooth adapter has been installed, but the program does not recognize your phone. Check that the Bluetooth adapter with Windows is compatible and that icon is blue next to the clock.