Lower Weight Healthily

70% Of the Mexican population suffers from obesity, figure that is too high, it becomes the main country of obesity, followed by United States. However, a large percentage are unhappy with their weight, some because lack them weight and others because they have a few kilos of most, but they are not obese or want to increase your weight, albeit a little.If you have good health and simply wants to gain a little weight, the task will be easy. First of all you must make five meals a day, i.e., the three main take a meal to mid-morning snacking something in the afternoon, before dinner; It should not be any main meal and less breakfast, since this provides all the energy to face the day and the nutrients that the body needs.The daily nutritional intake must be: in porcentaje50% to 60% of carbohydrates carbon (rice, cereals and pastas).30% oils and grasas.10% and 20% proteins (fish, meats and dairy products).)To achieve the goal should be full meals – entry, second dish, salad and dessert and trying to Choose the dishes that you like more not to be eating a martyrdom. The following tips will give you best results: – in the breakfast always a dairy product-for stocking tomorrow a sandwich with Turkey ham, cheese and olive oil-can prepare food should have a dish rich in carbohydrates, which can be pasta, rice, legumes, potatoes, bread or cereal-also, it incorporates a ration of protein: lean meats (lean), chicken, Turkey, fish and eggs accompanied by vegetables, vegetables or potato chips; Remember to not be exceeded if you choose meat or fish fried and breaded, since they entail an extra supply of calories-the dessert must be rich in sugars: flan, fruit, custard, cake of cheese or Apple, bananas with cream, strawberries with ice cream, nuts, ate cheese, among others.-accompany meals with bread dipped in olive oil, which can be used for salads.If you regularly practice any sport should not do, and ignore what some suggest about not carry out physical activities to achieve more weight, since the exercise collaborates in the bodily health, gives firmness to the muscles, generates substances in the brain that provide welfare, such as endorphins and thus opens the appetite, vital to eat properly and gain a few extra pounds.It should be checked from a medico general it ask for tests to rule out: lung conditions, digestive complications, malfunctioning of the hypothalamus. Hear other arguments on the topic with Jonas Samuelson. Chronic ailments. Problems in the adrenal glands.

Thyroid disorders. This gland (located in the neck) to be larger that normal (hyperthyroidism) causes that its operation is irregular, since it produces large amounts of hormones that accelerate the metabolism and, hence, the patient loses pounds. It is a very important hormone that nutritionists pay much attention to it, by increasing or decreasing weight.It is a good idea to try to raise some few pounds provided the aspects mentioned here are not neglected.