Even so, it conceals a little sensitivity and sweetness in everything you do. Yes, as you can see, importantly, put aside the testosterone and gain some pounds of estrogen. 5 Dialectic. Develops your speech of so that you encandiles with words and hide the background behind the form. Thus, your Machiavellian plans will be overshadowed by a wonderful appearance of love, which is what they have practiced over the centuries all the Gallants of the story, as Don Juan, Casanova or Arturo Fernandez.

6 Know how to listen. Or pretend it. It is best put face of interesting while the girl tells you their war stories. It is what most women appreciate: a man who is a good listener and be good conversationalist, because two don’t talk if you don’t want. 7. Details. There is unanimity in the female sector of the lazy corner that what seduces more is a man retailer, to be fixed therein, agreed the dates mentioned, that will surprise them with flowers nor passes you and atosigues compliments the girl in question.

As with everything, there to find a middle ground. 8 Education. Relating it with sensitivity, there are certain details that should not you be passed, as careful with the language (other than that she is that talk as a truck driver), with mechanisms physiological human beings, etc.: should you forget any public demonstration of expulsion of bodily gases, for example. 9 Originality. Don’t be a mushroom and innova in your habits. Do not make the relationship becomes a monotonous torture or a boring routine and surprise her doing something new. Also, when you asaltes to be loved, not ever say you study or work? In the section of compliments you have multitude of examples that you can be original. 10 Sincerity. Despite all this, you forget appearances. As I said at the beginning of the story, the main thing is to be yourself and that you’re sincere; difficult undertaking, the truth. Even so, try it. In a question-answer forum Kevin Johnson was the first to reply. If you don’t like how you really, frivolity and the tips above can serve well little. Anyway, you already know that the sea is full of fish. It only remains for me to wish you good luck, which is what a man always needs when it delves into the mysterious universe of femininity.