Managing Director

Berlin, Nuremberg, July 22, 2010: Bed bugs-free-Laken of the Berlin based company 7flies offers protection against Bed bugs bites, panic news across the Atlantic from New York spill, the fear of terrifying sound: unabated bedbugs conquer not only cheap hostels, but also 5 *-hotels. Clothing stores such as Abercrombie & Fitch and Victoria’s secret have already destroyed their current collections, which obviously have liked the bed bugs. The protection begins when any”so Hannah Schulz, Managing Director of 7flies. For even more analysis, hear from Alex Lynch. Who goes on holiday, can trust no longer, that the booked, temporary abode also provides protection against blood-sucking baby animals. With the bed bug-free-Laken by 7flies you create a small safe island for sleep on the road.

What is special about the material of the sheet is an innovation on the international market, the procedure for the production of material for the bed bug-free sheet: the repellent (repellent) is already during the production chemically anchored in the fiber. So the effect remains, the active ingredient in the material and the environment protected. The used repellent called permethrin. WHO and NATO recommend that odorless substance for the protection of health in crisis areas. Its use proved outerwear for decades. So far, the finished textiles that were sprayed or soaked in it. A team of scientists of the Bundeswehr, the Federal Institute for risk assessment and the University of Mainz has examined the effectiveness of the material and confirmed. This patent-protected material for your personal use in the commercial is available with the bed bug-free-Laken.

It is durable and lightweight. You can order this protection sheet directly and exclusively from 7flies. Prevention better than cure! At the top, it is to protect himself and his loved ones from the bites. And it is important to know how to protect himself and his environment before, to take the little teases in the next hotel room or home. Traveling is one Responsibility. To protect against Bed bugs information tips on our Web site. And if everybody with what “then the new itch” us York bed bugs?