Marcio Anatole

The monarchic government cannot have interference of the power spiritual, since, the performance of the church in the referring subjects to the state is a danger, therefore of the opening so that the subjects recognize the priests as gentlemen, therefore, as well as the sovereign determines the laws, the church also determines laws that compel its faithful to fulfill. Therefore, mondin says that ‘ ‘ Hobbes also attributes to the state absolute sovereignty on the church in faith substance ‘ ‘ (MONDIN, p 117), that is, for the English philosopher, the sovereign is above of the power spiritual, therefore above of the state alone if he finds God, not even the eclesiais authorities catholics are above of it, therefore the state alone exists in function of the sovereign. Consideraes final Therefore, Hobbes defends of consistent way the monarchic absolutism as consequence it social contract established by the men in sight of the guarantee of the peace, therefore, the man in its natural state is egoistic. When firming the agreement the men lose its total freedom who possuam in the savagery state and pass to be overwhelmd by the authority of the sovereign. Bibliographical references MONDIN, Baptist. Course of philosophy. (translation Benni Lemos).