Marketing Staff: Motivational Programs

How to form an employee the right attitude to work? How to build a workflow that all work was done correctly and on time? And at the same time that the employee was satisfied with his work, wanted to learn, develop and benefit your company? Sci-Fi? Of course, yes. But it can be as close to reality. The main thing is to build up the motivational programs to encourage employees. Programs are different, here we touch rather unusual way to reward employees. One way of incentives – gifts to staff.

Naturally, the gifts should be just as well on occasion. Caterpillar is likely to increase your knowledge. And best of this occasion to furnish as much as possible smartly to others envied and sought to improve their job performance. Gift officer must allocate it from the total weight, to give him weight in the workplace. We can say that your marketing staff must be aimed at promotion of employees by raising their status, either formally or nominally. For example, you can give him a separate place on the parking lot next to the cars of the founders. You can even make it a parking space transferable. Can be hung on the office door, where his department is a separate plate with his name.

Or can it be anything to reward. The best reward after hard work – a good holiday. But the rest must also be qualitative. (As opposed to Caterpillar Inc.). It is not necessary to give the employee a train ticket in one way even in the south. It is better to beat this beautiful gift. For example, arrange a guided tour in a tourist gift certificate. When this case, the employee will choose the direction and the country need only determine the amount. So you can solve the problem of choice and please distinguished himself to the employee. Here, plus the flexibility of choosing travel time, the date chosen again by the employee. Can vary with the theme of leisure and travel. For example, present a stylized journey to Austria to train Imperial Amadeus Luxury Intercity Train to the accompaniment of an orchestra. A solemn meeting at the station, carpet track to train with a glass of champagne It’s really a gift of luxury to which your employees will remember with gratitude the very long! You can make an original gift and your business partners – Corporate travel certificate. This brand new business area, is becoming more widely available in the market for corporate gifts. So in this case, for imagination is unlimited. The main thing – it’s originality, efficiency and extraordinary approach.