What happens by our head when we continue to maintain a relationship despite knowing for certain that we do not want? Cheating or wait to happen is one of the most humiliating for a person experiences, since it stops being oneself to become what the other wants. In fact, what is at stake is your person and your dignity. Wake up! Does not deserve. If the power of the relationship rests on the other, it is when you have to think that something is not going well. Power means not dependency, and make the other dependent on it. If your partner do without you, much more easy than your you can do it, you have to balance the question.

A healthy relationship consists of a balance in power by the members of the couple. In certain respects, each Member can have that power, since this more trained for, but it will never be King of the relationship completely. If we analyze well, an honest person would never be with someone who does not love to take advantage of certain benefits, called comfort, money, company etc. If no love from someone in a relationship, do some agreement can be negotiated? The answer is no, hope can be a bad counselor. This clear, that if a person doubts of love on the other hand, really has that feeling.

If you are still waiting for a loving resurrection, ready to respond to any situation, keep it clear, you’ve overstepped. And if thus you feel dissatisfaction in your relationship, there you have your solution, one of the members has to go. True happiness is in balance, the beginning of a new life can be hard, but should not be forgotten, that love is not everything, there are areas in life that deserve much more fundamental basis of our emotional life worthwhile, as the family. Do not hesitate! Find your own happiness. Original author and source of the article.