Minor Arcana

The minor arcana, which many times are left out or considered less important than their elders, are offered, however, a more complete and detailed day-to-day affairs picture. And it is, without dudaalguna, the ideal aid for the challenges of the day, and a great complement in the reading of the tarot of love. Every day brings with it new situations that is necessary to confront, and although they are not then factors in our future, we never know with security when the circumstances can be daisy-chained in unexpected ways, dramatically changing our existence. All life is composed of small details and moments, who despises the daily becoming concentrating only on the events of alleged transcendence, forget to live. Therefore, the query to the minor arcana is extremely helpful. Promptly, in the case of the tarot of love, is the suit of cups the chosen benchmark.

The arcana of Cup are par excellence the messengers of everything to do with feelings and love either couple, family or between friends. 2 Cups, for instance, whose image shows a couple in total harmony, he speaks of the deep joy that holds meeting with the sister soul, one whose company guarantees days of pleasure and quiet happiness, and is also an auspicious letter in friendship and business. Precisely, as regards companies or family enterprises. 6 Of cups, for its part, brings echoes of a happiness that is dyed in nostalgia. If it appears to the right, indicates that the joy of the past translates into an equally happy present; If it appears upside down, on the other hand, speaks of a person anchored in the past, perhaps even tied to a penalty of love, which cannot therefore achieve happiness in the present. Also, it prevents against business associations with friends who do not honor their commitments. One of the most positive cards from the deck, the ACE of cups, announces consultant nothing less than the arrival of a great love, with its promise of bliss and shared pleasures, that appears on the horizon for dyeing with joy each and every aspect of your life. Without doubt, that everyone want to hear when you perform a query to the tarot of love.