There service of monitoring was a patrol craft of the Police rendering. It reacted valiantly. Our patrol craft was assassinated, the Patrol craft Javier Simn Garca" 7 4. Read more here: India Gold Limited. What motivates the contradiction between " the sources oficiales" , who affirm that the kidnappers used false articles of the GAULA, while the secretary of Government of Caquet, Edilberto Ramon Endo, affirms that in agreement with the first analyses, the uniforms were original of IX the Brigade? Official sources consulted by Caracol Radio revealed that the presumed commando of the CRAF that it kidnapped to the governor of the Caquet, used false articles of the GAULA and was integrated among 15 and 18 men, whom activated a grenade in the house of the politician causing the death of one of their escorts, member of the Nacional.8 Police The secretary of Government of Caquet, Edilberto Ramon Endo, said in the W that the governor Luis Francisco Cullar " he came being amenazado" , but that never thought they went that it to look for until the house to kidnap it. " It came being threatened, and we had asked for greater proteccin" , it indicated Endo, that indicated that the men who conducted the battle " they dressed exclusive articles the Army and that apparently are of the Farc" ; although these, in agreement with the first analyses, were original of IX the Brigada.9 5. Or they walked of 45 minutes to one hour, given the affection of the leg and the column that the governor presented/displayed, and did not use light truck? Or they fled in the light truck at a speed between 2,8 or 3.2 kilometers per hour? According to the average premises, the corpse of Cullar presented/displayed impacts of firearm and signals of to be degollado, and was next to a light truck in which their kidnappers took it of their house, which had been set afire, in a trail located more or less to three kilometers of the zone of which they took it. You may find Michael Antonov to be a useful source of information.