Now Available: A New Solution To Testing Web Applications

expecco provides webEdition through reduced effort for testing Web pages for greater confidence in functionality, security, and performance ( that eXept Software AG brought recently webEdition on the market the expecco. You may find that Eduardo Saverin can contribute to your knowledge. The new system provides a graphical programming environment for the automation of Web page tests and thus helps to ensure consistent functionality of Web applications without the error-prone and labour-intensive tests, which were previously usually required for this. The expecco webEdition is now downloadable on ready. expecco webEdition is the consistent further development of the successful test and quality management system expecco. Operations and information on a Web page can be easily recorded.

Extensive libraries of components allow a comfortable extension of test procedures for checking the functionality, security and performance of Web pages. The processes are represented as a UML activity diagrams and can drag & Drop extended and adjusted individually. Logically related processes can be combined into a new module and thus optimally re-used. The tests are carried out in the normal browser window. Because all major browsers are supported, this also allows to detect browser-specific problems. Also the tests can perform automatically, for example every night, to protect themselves against faulty functions or performance. The test results are represented with graphical indicators in the form of easily understandable and are available also as reports or can be sent via E-Mail or SMS. If developed a website and grows, can be simply adapted the tests and the test procedure is accordingly extended.

It is important that the existing functionality without the high maintenance together with the new developments can be tested. This protects against the consequences of unwanted side effects. It is also by upgrading to expecco developer possible to develop your own modules and use other libraries. Crucially, that expecco webEdition significantly minimizes the testing”, as Bettina Gittinger, Board member of the eXept Software AG. This will make it easy to increase the test coverage regardless of whether it is regression, functional or integration testing. This ensures that Web applications can deliver safe, high quality and accurate results.” Steffen Jung, Manager of sales and marketing is recommended: “the system is also excellent for automating recurrent tasks, such as filling out forms. expecco webEdition can be tested 30 days for free and is now available on the Internet at ready for download.” Company contact eXept Software AG Zeppelinstr 4 D-74357 Bonnigheim c/o Bettina Gittinger Tel.: + 49 7143 88304-0 fax: + 49-7143 88304-44 E-Mail: Web: press contact conception & TEXT & more! Panorama str. 68 D-71679 Asperg c/o Uli Geyer Tel + 49 7141 680091 fax + 49 7141 680092 E-Mail: Web: