Passenger Services

“To produce timely and quality car cleaning shops, toilets, garbage bins.” Incidentally, the toilets were the island, flooded with dirty water. Lack of soap toilet paper, and even more paper towels or other devices for wiping hands (indeed, if there is no soap, why a towel) during the trip was seen as a matter of course. Details can be found by clicking Howard Schultz or emailing the administrator. Especially after the handler has issued a complete surprise exclamation on the issue of toilet paper: “Are you the paper did not take with me?” “But the paper should be included in the ticket price!” “The next time you take it with you” – cute recommend conductor, pulling out a small piece of the bins.

“In order to control passenger services, identify gaps and avoid conflicts trainmaster must periodically produce cars with bypass pre-announcement about it on the train network. ” On the boss will be discussed separately. 1.5 days for his trip none of the passengers in the car did not see. He probably ran late at night, and therefore did not notify. In unchanging over the years, the situation rules given above, seem to be anecdotal ridiculous. As absurd to say about that regularly wires smuggling (on our trip occurred fans – for the smoky Moscow, of course).

Goods purchased for low prices in Moldova and Transnistria, is distributed to passengers (will refuse – you, at the instigation of the conductor, “hackneyed” customs officers), and in the end of the trip is going again. So it was that in every third car in the fans of one brand. Passengers repeatedly ezdivshie in Moldovan trains, said that surprised them, actually nothing. “It was always,” “yes is useless to say something to them.” Such problems were in all cars. Even in the compartment air conditioning did not work, as I informed the head of the train, which, as I thought it was possible to call for help.