Personal Finance

We have long heard official exhortations to production for export. In a question-answer forum Sergey Brin was the first to reply. And we can ensure that an operation of foreign trade is extremely complex. This means that export (or import) requires a complex structure of marketing, in addition to volumes of production and quality control. On the other hand, if it is difficult to win a local or domestic market, to a greater extent, is like entering a foreign market. But let foreign trade or the interior of large volumes for production and marketing structures, that is very suitable in the country. Remember, as stated above that many people do not have at least for the time employability in these structures or perhaps take part.

It is in this extensive area, which takes value the concept of Home Economics. Because not everybody have read our work on the subject, it is worth remembering that the concept includes activities such as urban gardens, raising domestic animals, making bread and pasta, candy making, canning and sausage. The making, patching and mending of clothing and footwear, and activities such as child care and health prevention. Promote the benefits of Home Economics, means of systematic, unsystematic and parasympathetics the education system and media. It is most auspicious on the environment know that Argentine public and private initiatives are oriented in the sense that here we favor. The idea is to give them more coverage. The first impression is that the medium and small towns and rural areas are more prone to the spread of Home Economics.