Picture Market

Crises of the photographers until the media crisis. The image market in flux and in economically difficult times. Crises of the photographers until the media crisis. The year of 2009. By: Michael Wnuk release date: 16.11.2009 love image authors, love copyright er Weber and participants of the business! The year 2009 brought not only internal but also external changes for the photo market. The end of the gold rush in this year was the end of photo gold rush from different institutions and stakeholders \”.

Much had happened the year before. Simply programmed agencies shot from 2003 2004 out of the ground and hobby photographers were immediately inundated with photos of countless professional. \”More and more forums under the title: make money with photos\” emerged and has been compared to the revenues from the various agencies. This trend started clearly for everyone in 2008, to take off. As of 2008 had the image market not only from inside out with facts like oversaturated markets or acceptance of the factor Fascination\”to fight. The economic crisis became more and more of the media crisis. This crisis hit with full force the publishers, advertising and image sector from mid-2009.

The press was release waves of editors to read the collapse of the advertising market and the bankruptcy of world renowned photo agencies such as E.g. gamma. \”In 2009, the death of the image market has been more frequently in media and forums\” or even the death of stock photography \”proclaimed. Although some designations may be too drastic, it has meanwhile fixed certainty, that the gold rush on the image market is over. The image market is dead, long live the picture market! Not only stock photo agencies like mushrooms from the ground have mushroomed in recent years, but also forums and chat sites. \”\” On many of these pages, dealing with the image market or the photography you read reports like the image market is death \”or stock photography is at the end\”.