Professional Life

Throughout our professional life and of our race we are thinking about things that we want to reach and we are realising some of them. But in many occasions the obstacles begin to appear in our way and we stopped, demotivated, lose the enthusiasm or it floods the hopelessness to us. All these feelings are normal when we blocked ourselves but we must be conscious of them and to think that the demotivation is a feeling that we can change. What you can make your to change those pessimistic thoughts that are limiting to you and they do not let to you advance? Here the key is the motivation. All we have motivations that they impel to look for and to secure goals to us, and that they are our motor to act in the day to day. According to Beatriz Valderrama, author of the book intelligent motivation, ten possible motivations, or motors exist, that cause that we walk by our as much personal life as professional (these are the power, the profit, the exploration, the contribution, the autonomy, the cooperation, the hedonismo, the security, conservation and the affiliation). But the majority of us we do not know as they are not our motivations, nor either, that what moves to others do not have because to be what us nine same ones. The people we have different motivations.

But,sometimes you have considered the following questions? , I invite to you to that reflections exceed they you answer and them, will help without a doubt you in your self-knowledge and your growth like professional. To what guides me motivations in my work? What is the motor of my professional growth? What is the main motivation of each of my collaborator? I am using my motivations to impel and to secure my goals to me? If you want to reach your goals and that your collaborators do also it, is basic and fundamental that you know that motivates to you and to your equipment to achieve those objectives. Thanks to the executive-enterprise Coaching, your, like manager, as professional or as industralist you can work in the knowledge of your motivations and those of your collaborators, you can really work in your self-knowledge and in your professional and enterprise growth. It discovers your vital motors and it uses the strategies adapted for impulsarte and to obtain the goals that you wish and you want. You do not doubt it, dates the opportunity! And it remembers: ” any person can reach what proponga” Warm greetings To pound Fidel.