Protect Yourself

I must say that the defining of the very important issues have not only economists, however, and ordinary citizens is an economic crisis in Russia. The only thing he again spilled formed a sense of the modern world, as something reasonable and that it is possible to calculate. Generally, all the economists huge number of republics decay expected. However, and folk wisdom chapter, Cassandra, the heroine of a forgotten legend and many prophesied, but paid for his vision of the forthcoming expensive price – no one believed her. The same was expecting and predicting the future of Russian analysts. Of course, in practice, to a certain period. These days, when the recession is swing, specifically to the economists ask for recipes cure for this disease.

Among of these professionals – is an economist Khazin, his site on the Internet gives a chance to see not only interested in intelligence the status quo, but with the intelligence of the likely course of events, but also recommendations, and they are very relevant for people who set off on a campaign for an unpredictable area of our business. Folk wisdom states, the ignorance of legislation does not exempt from penalties. These things include, of course, to the field of law. However, ignorance of economic laws is also not exempt from the consequences that inevitably follow the violation of these laws. Such a solution is self-evident: in order not to stumble, to be understood about the presence of the law of attraction. And the move is wise to not break the law.

Modern citizen need a pretty good stock information in the field of economics, even in situations when it is directly independent political activity is not engaged. Thus, even some time ago, almost no one had no idea that a devaluation of the ruble. Without thinking even about the denomination and other concepts. But nowadays, these definitions have been included not only into the everyday life of professionals in the field of economy, moreover, and ordinary citizens. It is known that the money all have to deal with, Volens-nolens. And this kind of destructive changes not be amiss if you really can not anticipate – here without a special financial analysts do not, then at least be able to minimize it.