Rural Development Advisory

January 29, 2011, Goshen, NY on Friday 28 January, I had a very rewarding experience during the working day that the Rural Development Advisory corporation organized with the objective of helping families save their homes of the mortgage sale. At that time, homeowners who are having difficulty making payments of housing had the opportunity to meet personally with representatives of the banks HSBC and GMAC. I went to accompany a lady who out of respect for your privacy, I I turn as Mrs. for those who had prepared the application papers.On our arrival announced us that we would be served at 9: 30 PM, a little late, we think. However to try to save a House auction and help a family that is going need, any sacrifice is really little.

The day passed with much order, in a friendly and prone to the dialogue. As we waited our turn, a friend to whom I I will refer as Felix, made us more pleasant waiting for enjoyable of your conversation. An official of the entity event organizer approached us and asked us if we had the documents ready, made us know that appointments were delayed more than expected due to house owners were presenting without having prepared documents. Even though I had placed my best efforts in preparing the documents, I have to admit that I felt some nerve, good who have tried to modify his home loan know how hard that is able to satisfy the demands of banks and the exhausting thing might be to try reasoning with some Bank representatives about documents in support of the application for the loan modification. However, he was confident that in our turn he would have the opportunity to help Ms. to accept your request to amend.

When we had our turn the staff member who served us asked us the documents, reviewed them and one after another as he reviewed raised his thumb in signal that were fine, the process was quite fast, takes perhaps marginally less than what delayed the majority of attendees or maybe to my did very little time; the officer made us know that most of the attendees had not come prepared for the appointment. Incredible! I thought, the majority of home owners are not prepared to take advantage of this unique opportunity to meet personally with officials of the lender, who is, in short, which can approve or deny the application for amendment. The representative told us that until what had elapsed event only we had arrived with all the documents and prepared exactly as they needed them, said she was proud of us therefore, electronically copy documents, returned us the originals, made us know that I would put the request immediately and we answered some questions that we did in relation to the case. We knew that the time had come to dismiss us, provided us your email address, we gave thanks for what he had done for us and we gave us a hot estrechon of hands with which you express not only our appreciation for what had done for us but it also hopes that we have that we can achieve a favorable response to the request for amendment. To leave the premises Ms. and Felix congratulated me, told me that it should feel very proud of what I did.