Russia Travel

Probably someone will notice that the agency can easily violate the law, depart from the operator's tariffs and set the naive tourist their inflated prices. In principle, it is certainly possible. Today, however, such a simple-minded client must still search. On the contrary, in the battle for the customer, many firms often sacrifice part of their commission and offer customers discounts – sometimes up to 5%, ie up to half of its profits. Fuel tanks is open to suggestions. The public now has gone enlightened: tourists independently monitor market themselves on the Internet find the most advantageous proposal and threatened to go to another firm require special privileges.

"An amazing picture-divided sore Agency staff. – A man is being traded with you for every penny, the whole soul is exhausted, and then just gently asked him will there be enough to rest two thousand dollars, or take a little more. " In general, a slight agency business can not be called. Nevertheless, every year in spring in Russia opened a thousand (!) Of new travel agencies. True, in the fall the vast majority of them closed. Alone – until next summer, while others – forever. For example, this summer just in Belgorod has added more than 50 agencies, although, according to experts, real and effective in city has only ten companies, and that is enough for the regional center. However, to say that a novice who decides to do today travel agent-ray activities are doomed to failure, it would certainly be a mistake. In those same Belgorod travel companies constantly seek clients from Stary Oskol – a large industrial first kind.