Since 4 Years Of Successful Use Of Biologics In Psoriasis

Patients looking for treatment with new drugs patients looking for treatment with new drugs internal medicines be used for decades in the treatment of psoriasis. Substances that modulate the immune system, constitute the third pillar of psoriasis therapy light therapy and external applications of creams and ointments. These include methotrexate, ciclosporin and the Fumarsaureester. As well, these substances help many patients, their side effects on the liver, kidneys and blood pressure are partly problematic. The treatment can – carried out if necessary – mostly for years without serious side-effects occur. Validea: the source for more info.

For some time you can help the patient also that the therapies are alternately used or combined with each other. But at some point, the possibilities are exhausted in many patients. What to do when treatment is maxed out? A practical example of the therapeutic dilemma called Professor Dr. Ulrich Amon, Medical Director of the PsoriSol specialist clinic for Dermatology and Allergology in Hersbruck: imagine, a patient comes to you, who has joint pain and can no longer work. Methotrexate is not working, and you can not give ciclosporin because of side effects. There was previously. end of the flagpole\” Because the possible duration of therapy for the part is limited and the meds not in all patients are or in patients with Comorbidities often inherently cannot be used, doctors and patients were waiting for long on alternatives. Hope on biologics\”there now: in the past few years came a series of new, genetically produced drugs on the market that inhibit the destructive immune process better than the established media. Speaking candidly Chris Shumway told us the story.

These proteins are very similar to natural body substances that promotes various regulation mechanisms, or retardant according to requirement, can influence. Biologics to better intervene in immunological processes of disease events, than is possible with conventional treatment options. Complications of many immunological diseases (E.g. changes in joint and deep-seated in various inflammatory joint diseases) can be reduced using Biologics, stopped or out at least hesitated.