Small Companies

To identify instruments of management of economic-financial data; To examine the regularity in the legislation atinente to the Enterprise Right, guiding the company in the process of necessary regularization; To identify the behaviors of the entrepreneurs of success of the manager; To analyze the level of satisfaction of the external customers; To understand as the law of offers x demand and the behavior of the consumer influences in the taking of decision of the organization; To identify the type of organization, as well as describing if the same one assumes mechanist or organic condition, and analyzing as the same one works its process of decision taking. 10 3 JUSTIFICATION the accomplishment of this research must it the fact of the relevance of the subject for the companies, in regards to the enterprise consultoria, in this in case that made to the Superbox Supermarket, which represents great importance, thus bringing suggestions of improvements for the company. Considering itself that such service possesss a relatively high value, this importance if of to the fact of 49% of the Micron and the Small Companies (MPEs), to lock up its activities with up to two years of existence, 56% with up to three years and 59% do not survive beyond the four years, second study carried through for the SEBRAE in 2004. Another considered factor is the fact to provide to the formation of knowledge, abilities and abilities, acquired in the academy that can be observed in the practical one, promoting a lived deeply contact with the reality and enterprise processes in daily of the companies and the occured situations in the market. Of this form, the integration of the theories with the practical one becomes possible, for the performance of efficient and efficient form, making possible the identification of problems and to develop aptitude to equate solutions.