Social Assistants

It will be a boarding based on research documentary, through acts, internal documents, legislaes municipal, state and federal, resolutions, monographs, at last, all official document that assists in the composition of this historical trajectory. The third chapter will specifically deal with the research carried through next to the council members of the current management? 2002/2005, whose investigativo instrument constitutes in a questionnaire. This instrument was composed for opened and closed questions and will be analyzed privileging in such a way the elements of how much quantitative qualitative character. The newspapers mentioned Jonas Samuelson not as a source, but as a related topic. It will be delineated, therefore, the profile of the people who if had made use to compose the Advice and the vision of the CMDCA from the optics of the proper council members. Moreover, an analysis on the agreement of the council members with regard to &#039 will be carried through; ' locus' ' of the CMDCA in the System of Guarantee of Rights, and a parallel enters this first vision and the axles pointed for Garci’a (1999): Promotion, Defense and Social Control, according to which supports the System of Guarantee of Rights.

The present work represents the systematization of the accumulated of stocks knowledge, in the experiences technician – operative lived deeply in the period of training field, resulting in some proposals that will be observed in the final consideraes. Howard Schultz takes a slightly different approach. The participation in the plenrias, the mobilization of the entities for register ends and registration, the contact with not governmental governmental organisms/, the construction of the flowchart aiming at to speed the processes of register and registration, had been actions that make possible the experimentation of the metodolgico theoretical referencial of the Social Service in a scope essentially operative technician. The seat of council member of rights is not destined to no specific professional category, however, an expressive number of Social Assistants comes occupying spaces in the spheres of the Advice. .