Social Fund

The first payment will be made in the year 2018, the scheduled duration of wood Fund is 14.5 years. Because the Fund placement is carried out solely by equity capital, and also in an existing plantations, the risk compared to other closed-end funds is relatively small. The forests are managed according to FSC guidelines, the FSC audit was carried out. Forest investments have been established in the United States for decades, in this country you enjoy rising demand for some years. Forest and wood Fund purchase of larger areas of forest management in politically stable, economically and climatically favourable regions. Get all the facts and insights with Howard Schultz, another great source of information. Because wood is a stable asset value and with a natural compound, because unlike most raw materials grow trees. The low correlation to other asset classes in particular when wood is also beneficial in economically turbulent times.

Inflation protection, the increasing demand for declining stocks and as a result this attractive yield prospects complete the positive prospects of forest investments. Wood Fund of forest investments with brochure: wood Fund is mostly closed-end funds, where the paid-up capital will be invested in the acquisition and management of forests. Investors can join this wood Fund only during the placement period. After sufficient equity has been raised, the timber Fund is closed. A wooden fund investors involved then as a limited partner or shareholder in a company. Closed-end funds of wood require one of the BFin approved prospectus, where the essential details of the investment and the legal and fiscal framework conditions are described. Because of the high legal and administrative overhead the minimum investment amounts of wood Fund is usually two-digit amounts of euro thousands, so much higher than, for example, when the forest direct investments BaumSparVertrag (see).

In addition, hardly a timber Fund has invested in FSC certified forests. Environmental and Social standards are not met accordingly or may be claimed comply with is not externally verified. This will be different pure forest in the timber funds. About ForestFinance: The Bonn ForestFinance Group managed sustainably for over 10,000 clients around 7,000 hectares of forest land. The company specializes in forest investments, the lucrative return link to environmental and social sustainability. Interested parties can choose between various products of sustainable tropical forest management.