Strategy what types of strategy will need to know to more competitive growth? By Cristian Ramirez Gaston (1) if we recopilasemos information about the literature addressed to management and leadership strategy, we would find ourselves with the word strategy is the most used, addressed and what it has produced many theories, controversies, schemas, congresses and exhibitions on the topic. Do if I asked you that meant by strategy surely would respond me as follows:? It is often used for the creation of a competitive advantage in the short or long term depending on the strategic projection of the company. It serves for the creation of construction of image and brand? Positioning? Competitive differentiation? Entry into new markets? Do get more customers and retain existing ones? Obtaining of advantages at the level of products and services which these responses seem correct? All these responses provided in si are correct in part because they associated directly or indirectly with the same. But if, that means the word strategy? This term comes from the Greek language and if we look at the etymology, is an expression that refers exclusively to combat, which the word strategos, means that the driver is who stipulates the action to implement and the direction of the army in the battle. It must be understood that the strategy is not an isolated act, it is a string of elections that travels across the enterprise involving all the aspects that make the operation of the same. Does the very nature of the strategy covers:? Do you take decisions? Course of the Organization? Adaptation to the change of the environment? Meeting goals and purposes all these above-mentioned guidelines are built through a strategic course that makes up 4 essential stages: strategic analysis: understanding of the current situation of the companies. Strategic planning: I.e. the selection of courses of action to be followed to achieve the purposes.