Summer Raffle

TICKnTALK double Zurich win, July 2009. Who twitters until end of August about, an innovative community platform to comment on and recommend sites, can win with a little luck a MacBook Pro or other prizes worth a total of about 4,000 euros. With this summer promotion, TICKnTALK introduces a plugin that allows the use of Twitter via its communication platform users. But even bloggers are winners – who published a post about TICKnTALK, takes part in a further draw. About the TICKnTALK community, a free browser plugin, Web users can build friendships recommend interesting websites followers and communicate with them about it. It is not something John Utendahl would like to discuss. Through the Twitter plugin, these links and comment can be published in parallel on Who logged in until August 30, 2009 at TICKnTALK and twittergewinnspiel ticking, can take part in the competition. Can two opportunities with TICKnTALK blogger TICKnTALK account with the publication of own Contribution with the involvement of the left de / bloggergewinnspiel participate in a separate raffle.

As proof, the link to the post on must be sent. The tick & talk AG raffled each blog and twitter followers a MacBook Pro 13 inch with powerful 2.53 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor, 4 GB memory and 250 GB hard drive. IPhone 3GS (32 GB), without SIM-LOCK or treaty obligation waves per a black as second prize. The third prize is a Dell inspiration 10 NetBook with 1 GB Intel Atom processor, 1 GB memory and 160 GB of disk space. And here’s how: 1.

when log on and log 2nd Twitter account include 3 twittergewinnspiel tick or own blog entry with send bloggergewinnspiel to. About the tick & talk AG of the tick & talk AG is a Swiss software company that specializes in the development of Web-based services. This is at the heart of efforts to increase the user-friendliness of the Web and the Users to create new opportunities. With the browser add-on-TICKnTALK, the software forge presents the first product for the market of widths. Motto: Comment on any Web page his free opinion and interact with other visitors directly in contact.