System Alliance Europe Expands Offerings

System standards Wallenhorst, November 10, 2010 – the European groupage network system Alliance Europe allows immediately across Europe IT-supported parcel collection orders and providing customer-specific logistic models extended to procurement logistics and distribution logistics. Offers the new system Alliance Europe partners can use the network more flexibly to their customers. The nearest network partner Pickup orders takes Europe-wide parcel collection orders with the new IT-based solution for procurement logistics for shipments from all 23 countries covered by partner. Electrolux is actively involved in the matter. Favors this is through the new Web application CargoCollect”. With this the system Alliance Europe partners pick-up orders can then electronically submit and manage their in-house system provides no possibility for.

Through this step, all 166 enterprises of 47 partners moved technically still closer together. “Another plus for customers: the shipment tracking system CargoTrack” offers maximum Transparency from pick-up to delivery. To each state change is via dial or the Web-based CargoCollect,”is delivered, immediately visible in CargoTrack, starting with the message about picking up the show. In addition, all delivery documents are electronically archived and available shortly after delivery. A central contact point and consistent, standardized IT processes pan-European procurement logistics has never been easier”, summarizes the Managing Director of system Alliance Europe, Uwe Meyer, the benefits. 47 network partners provide expertise in tailor-made customer solutions with more than 1,500 direct as well as 150 gateway connections excellent opportunities for fully customized supply chain solutions at European level. The innovations in the area of collection orders promote also the establishment of system-wide customer-specific logistic models.

Now even the most complex models for distribution and procurement logistics can over the network handled be. In this environment, the strengths of the central monitoring are particularly: optimized processes and information flows provide a complete process transparency. Company contact: System Alliance Europe agency GmbH Melisa Darshini Grosse Strasse 28 49134 wallpaper Anne Tel: + 49 (0) 5407 81668-19 system Alliance Europe combines the skills and the expertise of leading medium-sized forwarders on a network. Intended for a customer to its regional carrier, so it receives the complete map commanded a European groupage platform. The high quality standards, transparent processes and reliable transport of cooperation are guaranteed through organisational and information technology policies.