Argan Oil

Depends where you buy your argan oil many times on that which of the two types of argan oil choice of cosmetic or culinary use, some sites specialize in one or another, although there are sites that sell both. Were to however you ask you what is the difference between the two types? Does not serve me one to two things?, the difference although it sounds small, has big repercussions and understand it you must know a little about the process of extraction of argan oil. Normally the fruit of the argan tree is first collected and is put to dry for a week or more, and then pulping, case of culinary argan oil seeds are toasted, opens and are extruded pipes which are milled in a rudimentary mill, in the case of argan oil cosmetics are opened and are milled pipes without toasting the argan seedthe next step is to wait for it to dry a bit and balls of this dough are formed and allowed to sit for a week, after that time are squeezed and removed the miraculous elixir of youth, better known as argan oil, 100 kg of ripe fruits are used to extract a litre of argan oil. Given that cosmetic argan oil is extracted in cold, maintains all its properties intact to making these are absorbed more easily into the skin and obtaining excellent results in a short time, however not to toast the seeds does not acquire good taste that acquires culinary argan oil, but still excellent for use on skinon the contrary use culinary argan oil has very good flavor and aroma, but although well absorbed in tissues, to having been toasted does not have the same benefits in skin, hair and nails that cosmetic use, but to be ingested, the stomach and the intestine mainly absorb all properties that remain and helps a myriad of ailments ranging from high blood pressure, the high cholesterol to the prevention and combat of some forms of cancer. For this reason until you look where buy oil of argan, you decide what benefits you want to obtain and decide the type of oil that will help you to make your goals. If decide to buy both, with only a spoonful of culinary argan oil every day, preferably in fasting enough so that you can take advantage of all of its properties that are many, or you can dress your salads and meals with this oil that will give a unique flavour to your food, just remember never heat it, because this will completely lose its properties. Cosmetic argan oil, can use you in the care of your whole body, in hair after swimming applies a small amount and very well distribute it all over your hair, your skin with a few drops spread with circular massage and tapping a few gently to encourage its absorption and nails apply a dropYou can combine it with lemon 1: 1 for greater efficiency, never abuses of argan oil or you will lose its wonderful benefits and instead get a hair or skin fat. Would you like to know more about the benefits of cosmetic argan oil? Continue reading my articles and find out where buy good quality argan oil.