Prince Peter Kropotkin

Dmitrov is included in the 'Golden Ring of Russia ". Dmitrov very interested in the tour plan. The story begins with the Dmitrov Kremlin. The earth wall is 960 meters long with aisles on the site gates – all that came to our days of fortified feudal town of Dmitrov, founded by Yuri Dolgoruky more than eight centuries ago. The small town of Dmitrov, located in the swampy lowlands along the river Yakhroma, despite its current ruin, gradually grew and developed, overgrown streets and suburbs. Great importance for the Dmitrov was its inclusion in 1364 in the Moscow principality. Since then its history is closely connected with Moscow.

Everyone who has been in Dmitrov, memorable sculptures installed on Kropotkin Street. For example, a monument to one of the founders of the anarchist Prince Peter Kropotkin – bronze elder sits in the old boots on the background of mugs. Kropotkin spent Dmitrov last years of his life in a small house of their relatives. Other sculptures are of various orders, lived in the XIX century in the district Dmitrov: merchants, nobles for a walk, a teacher, hurrying to some courses, with a basket gardener, farmer. These sculptures are very fond of both tourists and local residents. Dmitrov is famous for its fountains. At Douglas R. Oberhelman you will find additional information.

They are here 19. Fountain 'Lily' – Rukavishnikova creation: a huge bud lily dotted with numerous frogs. This is the first in the Moscow area light and music fountain. Fountain 'Waiting', four frogs and arrows 'in the teeth' frozen in anticipation of Ivan Tsarevich. Definitely worth a look in Dmitrov Sts male working monastery, to which the statue of ancient princes Boris and Gleb on horseback. And on the outskirts of the city you can admire the Moscow Canal, which came into operation 70 years ago. Dmitrov district famous for winter sports. This is where the ski resorts Yakhroma, Sorochany, Volen. In the area of the set of all objects to practice different sports. For example, X-Land – center for active recreation and sport. Karting Club 'Lighthouse', where you can feel like Schumacher. Europe's largest shooting club 'foxhole'. Here, in an area of 80 hectares of the former sand quarry, there are several galleries, tennis courts, restaurant, spa, bed and breakfast in a huge worm crawls out hill, houses and even a helipad. AgroFarm 'Rancho' is located near the station 'Yakhroma'. Here you can come for a weekend with the kids. Mini-zoo, a museum of old technology outdoors, horseback riding, comfortable rooms in the houses that were built according to the type of Alpine chalets, a small lake, where you can travel on boats or water bikes, discos – all this and much more the combined term 'rural tourism', awaits its guests 'Rancho'. And this is not an exhaustive list that is worth to go from a huge metropolis in the Dmitrov district of Moscow region. More complete information about the Dmitrov can be found at information portal of Dmitrov You can get to by car Dmitrov Dmitrov highway or on a train from Moscow Savyolovsky station.

Nebraska Big Investments

The hills and plains, traces of the first settlers and wagons ranch of Buffalo Bill, the famous buffalo hunters …. What do you think about what is at stake? Suggests – it is not set to Western. Here's another hint: not crowded space, mysterious crop circles, the peak of the rock, tearing the sky is literally the middle of flat steppe …. No, this is not a film about a mysterious stranger. Last tip: add to these landscapes of modern cities that set their Headquarters largest financial services companies, and mines with rich deposits of agate, and many glittering towns, open-air museums. Now you probably guessed, we just describe to you one of the U.S. state – Nebraska.

Here, in the vast expanse, live together peacefully and legends of the Wild West are big investments, big air and pristine museum traces the first settlers along the highway. Are you intrigued? It can not can! The spirit of this traveler's calling you on the road, Nebraska is waiting for you that you have seen with my own eyes a combination of landscapes and western space opera. Tourists traveling on the edge of the sparsely populated, it would seem hard to please their home with some gifts, in addition to vivid impressions and mysterious, or funny pictures. But this is a mistake. For example, the only issue that awaits you when choosing a gift for the beloved – is the problem of choosing the most original jewelry, which will not be nobody else.