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Tractor-trailer – a titanium-athlete! Truck – cargo transport which can be applied to tow vehicles or other large equipment. Truck tractors are powerful and reliable. Most often, the engine power ranges from 336 to 410 horsepower. Tractor-trailer is able to make a trailer weighing up to 80 tons. Today's tractors are safe to use, simple and economical, they are most suited to both urban Russian roads, and international highways of any length. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Wayne Holman.

Truck tractors are razvoznye freight cars, they are available to almost any problem relating to the daily traffic within the city and for his feature. As Typically, the tractors attach great importance to human comfort, control traffic, the cab is equipped with means of isolation from vibration and noise, allowing the driver to feel almost like a normal car. Tractor MAZ – in any way Gorazd! MAZ truck tractors meet high requirements in terms of technical implementation, environmental safety, comfort in the cabin, the level of safety and noise. They can participate in international transportation, including the EU countries. MAZ 5432 enjoyed continued popularity.

These tractors can participate in the trailers, gross weight of which varies from 28 to 40 that machines can be equipped with 3 engine choices (250, 330 or 400 horsepower) have eight or nine-mechanical gearbox. Have a relatively comfortable place to rest. Tractor MAZ 5433 is designed to Nedalny traffic, it is equipped with a standard cab. The technical implementation of these trucks are similar to MAZ 5420, differ only in the shorter wheelbase (from 3550 to 3300 mm) and a lower load on the fifth wheel mechanism (8, 8 to 8, 5 m). MAZ 544008 is perfect for transportation on highways in the train, the total mass can reach 44 tons. The load on the truck mechanism is from 9, 8 to 10, 6 tons diesel engine YMZ-7411. 10 has a capacity of 400 liters. S. and corresponds to high Euro-2 standards, it allows him the right movement with considerable speed. Its analog 544069 completed 410-horsepower diesel engine MAN D 2866 Euro-3. This tractor can be equipped with pneumatic rear suspension action. The cabin provides high roof and two seating areas. Tractors Series 6422 and 6430 are operated to full loaded 44 tonnes, these two models are different engines, consisting of a diesel engine YMZ-238DE2 (330 liters. SA) or JAMZ-7511. 10 (400 liters. SA) have, respectively, eight or nine-transmission. Maximum load on the truck mechanism is not over 14, 7 tons, the highest possible speed – about 100 km h Repair MAZ – please you! Repair MAZ – not an easy task, but the yield has long existed. MAZ sells services on repair and maintenance services. In addition to the repairs performed under warranty repair and replacement of engines, gearbox and clutch, cabins, electrical wiring and electrical equipment, brake systems, adjustment of fuel equipment.


Parts UAZ produced a large number of different companies, ranging from the Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant and ending with smaller companies that supply a wide range of inexpensive parts simple design. Very often the owners of cars of this brand buy spare parts for UAZ repair suspension. These are the parts UAZ, as springs and plates of springs, shock absorbers and parts thereof, as well as rubber bushings and seals, which are generally wear out pretty quickly. The main elements of the suspension – it's spring and shock absorber telescoping type. These parts are designed to absorb shocks and tremors that occur while driving and soften ride. These parts UAZ as springs, may be composed of seven or nine sheets strapped together a special bolt. Both ends of each spring is attached to the frame of the car. Shock absorbers – is no less important parts UAZ, they fasten the top of the bracket frame, and the bottom connected to the bridge.

Among the most common defects in shock usually indicate a lack of smoothness of the suspension, leaking tank or a complete denial of work. In some cases this is due to breakage of parts, which means that the need to buy new parts and make UAZ replacement. However, often such problems are caused by less serious problems, such as wear and tear rubber seals, a draft of a spring or loosen the nut reservoir shock absorber. In this case, no need to buy expensive spare parts UAZ, simply replace worn parts and tweak the nuts. The reason for poor of the shock can be even easier – clogging the valves. Then they simply need to rinse. As you can see, in order to correct the work of the shock absorber is not always necessary to buy spare parts UAZ. Often, owners Car and experiencing problems with the springs – usually squeak, too much sediment spring or even breakage of sheets. It is clear that in the latter case it is necessary to buy new parts UAZ. But in other situations can be solve the problem – tighten the sleeves or lubricate the springs sheets.

Tractors Towing Weight

Towing tractor weight increased to reduce the slippage of driving wheels at full load. To increase the adhesion weight tractor supply of special goods, fixed on the drive the drive wheels. When working with outboard engines towing tractor weight can be increased by using spare parts to the tractor hydraulic coupling weight. To further increase the adhesion weight, you need a tractor while working in severe conditions chamber filled with fluid drive wheels to three-quarters of their volume. Chamber filled with liquid by means of a special device in the following order: – to raise the jack until the wheel separation from the ground – turn the wheel in position sootvetstvuesche trubuemomu level of filling the chamber, when filled with half-valve must be located in a horizontal position, three-quarters of the extreme upper position. 330-965 for tires reference volumes of increase the weight of each wheel respectively at 115 and 170 killogram.

– Remove the valve from a metal sleeve with s zolotnikomi cap and let the air out of the camera – with nut to attach the tip adaptations to the body of the valve and the hose to the tank with the liquid or by injection pump, oil line pipe. Rob Crossland has similar goals. – Opening access for fluid to fill the chamber to a desired level, and should periodically overlap access the liquid in the chamber and releasing it from the air, opening the lock screw. The chamber must be filled up until it appears from the device after a pre-nakonechnnika loosen lock screw. – Unplug the device from the body of the valve and the tank, drain the excess fluid from the chamber and put the removed parts valve in place. – Remove the cap from the valve and inflate the tire to proper pressure. After that, put the valve cap and lower the wheel. When there is liquid in the chamber, the tire pressure is checked only in the extreme upper position of the valve, otherwise the liquid can get into the pressure gauge and damage it. To let the liquid from the chamber, the valve recorded in the lowest position, remove the spool and pass for the bulk liquid. To remove the remaining liquid is needed to pump the wheel up to 1 atm, to dismantle the valve with the sleeve valve and the valve and quickly pop in to vent pipe with a seal so that air does not come out from the bus .. The tube diameter of up to 5 mm long and 350mm to reach inside the tire to the chamber, the outer portion of the tube should be to bend the direction of the liquid jet. The liquid will removed under an internal pressure in the tire.

German Heater

1. up to 300 horsepower fuel filters are installed SEPAR-2000 / 5 2. up to 600 horsepower and above are installed fuel filters Fuel filters SEPAR-2000/10 SEPAR-2000 heater Located inside the tank heating element heats the effective flow of fuel by melting the wax catching. Thus possible to avoid clogging the filter them. Heating control is carried out automatic thermostat, which includes heating at temperatures below about +5 C and off at a temperature of about +10 C. This means that even with the heater at a temperature of fuel more about +10 C heating system is not working. Operation of heating is determined by the ignition control lamp in the active position of the heater.

In emergency cases, when casting a temperature of about +80 C heating disables the thermal fuse, located inside the filter housing on a single board with a control relay. Insertions filter with heater made in accordance with instructions for installation, connection warming – according to the further the above circuit diagram. To connect the heated filter: Filters SWK SWK 2000/10/N 2000/5/50/N and heated only with the engine / generator. The heating system includes rotating tumbler with a control bulb. When you stop the engine automatically turns off the heating system. According to a study conducted by Association of DAE (German association of engineers), fuel filter SEPAR-2000 as the best fuel filter of purifying and separating systems in civil and commercial vehicles among those represented in the European market. Also, SEPAR-2000 recognized as a leader in testing of industrial fuel-systems in the category 'Transportation and single-stage filtering fuel and its components. " The tests are presented in the annual report of the association, issued a mandatory basis in analytical publication DEKRA-TEST.

This report has been submitted for review in early December 2005. Separ-2000 – provides a reliable engine start in the winter! Many avtobilistam familiar problems with running the engine at sub-zero temperatures. The solution to this problem is the application of Separ-2000 heater. Separ-2000 – fuel filter and water separator, fuel efficient cleaning of water and mud. Model with a heater in addition to these benefits will also provide a reliable engine start in the winter. The filter used in 44 countries. Successfully installed on vehicles: Scania, Volvo, Tatra, Kamaz, Maz, etc. Filter has a large part of Caterpillar machinery, etc. Separ-2000 – it's the German quality, proven in the Russian context. TESTING AND CERTIFICATION Certificate DIN ISO 9002 TUV of North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany Department of vehicular traffic FRG German technical department Navy Certificate German Lloyd Certificate of English Certificate by Lloyd's French Bureau Veritas Certification Rina Italian Russian GOST R certificate for materials

Ford Warehouse

To understand which nodes and power units should be established or purchased, such as the Ford-Store, which sells auto parts ford, we must assume some of auto parts may need to go. It’s over the same path from the road depend on those parts that would be required to purchase. If we assume that the road will pass through mountainous terrain, in crevices and bumps, such as on roads in the cedar forest, in which case you should think about the shock absorbers and tires, or additional sets of rubber, which, if necessary, may establish their own. If the road will pass through the desert with a lot of sand it is important to think about the stock Ford brake pads. In areas with high humidity should be sure to take with them in the way of candles set in case you need to go in the water area. So the choice parts Ford which are necessary for long-distance travel is justified from the very essence of travel, where it is important to know the place where it will run the path of motion. To purchase all the necessary parts to Ford to choose a company that in case You urgently needed spare parts will be able to make their delivery to the destination where you would at the same time may be. It is very important to keep such company.

In the long journey, such a company will make sure your partner which in time will ensure the delivery of and the possible installation of spare parts would be difficult as it may seem. Recommend to cooperation, we can warehouse company Ford, which has long been popular, which steadily increasing. Ford Stock Company can offer you parts Ford at favorable prices. Accompanying the clients to the company concerned, even in a long trip or a voyage round the world you have always been provided with reliability and thinking about travel, and to see your car has been the most reliable, comfortable and efficient when traveling. Among Ford Warehouse hold special promotions and discounts provided for the convenience of work and cooperation. Parts Ford, which has a large assortment of spare parts are original company, which allows us to maximize the reliability spare parts as manufactured at the factory cars. Please contact Ford Warehouse. If you need car parts, if you want to install the parts in your car is a Ford with the meet all quality and most quickly – call and the result will please you.

Auto Painting

Every motorist is familiar with the words' painting a car. " Indeed, during operation of the car, how would you carefully did not refer to his swallow very often there are situations that lead to damage refinishing. Even if you're not on the road and the car is parked in peace then and there that she is safe from accidents. With the dramatic opening of the adjacent car doors can remain a unique mark on the back of your car. The most common defects in the painted surface of the car are such familiar names: scratches, chips, dents. On the method for removing scratches, chips, dents, and it will go further, let's start with painting car. There are a lot of technology paint the car, the most accessible paint spray gun.

Car bodies are painted in two main types of paint: acrylic and metallic. There are certainly more Exotic species: pearl, chameleon. What is the difference between metallic and acrylic? Acrylic paint itself is very good quality and is applied to the primed surface in 3 layers. When painting metallic paint itself apart (Database) and it will take a polish. Has the effect of gloss varnish and closes the base, unnecessarily base is made of paint with the addition of a filler (particles of aluminum). The base does not have the strength and serves only to add color and shade car. As for the paint spray gun, it is divided by the square substrate: full, partial and local.

For example a complete painting, I think the meaning is clear, bought three liters of paint, if car more than the average one liter. Mix colors of the two cans in one container, it is done in order to shade was one and there was no difference in color, then pours (painted), the entire body. With regard to local painting with her painted part of the body, separate from the vehicle, such as door, fender, bumper. In partial painting, the painted area equals the area of correcting defects in painting. In partial painting has its own nuances: material consumption is minimal, but to get into the car body color might not turn out right the first time. Painting a car class troublesome and fairly significantly in terms of money. Is it possible to eliminate defects in paint spray gun without the use of paint? Yes you can, there are many technologies remove dents, scratches and chips. Technology remove dents with the help of Paintless Dent Repair (PDR). The essence of the method in the PDR the use of special tools, instruments used extrusive dent from the inside, special suction cups pull the dent out. Also introduced was the instrument by a magnet, remove shallow dents from hail for example. That As for removing scratches, if not to the ground, then you can apply the technology to polish the body. Each manufacturer has its own system of polishing pastes polish the body, but they boil down to one, first performed handling abrasive paste, and then honing the final paste. But when you remove the cleavage, the paint still needed. Filled with paint chipping in small drops until a small mound on the surface, further ground and polished. Now you have an idea how about painting the car and about the technology bug fixes paint without paint. I wish you a clean roads and good health of the car.

Useful Information

How many pallets fit in a container? Data on the two main types of the most popular pallet 'pallets' and standard pallets. Size 'europallet' 1200x800mm, standard pallet size 1200x1000mm. In the 20-foot container can accommodate 11 'pallets' or 9-10 standard pallets in one tier. For more specific information, check out Electrolux. In a 40-foot container can accommodate 23 – 24 'pallets' or 20-21 standard pallets in one tier. Raw materials for production of pallets. Raw materials for production of pallets require particularly careful attention.

Typically, the board edging and timber size required to buy ready-made. Boards come in blocks, assembled so that the space left between them. Unseasoned wood is wet, and if such boards do not have access air, literally in a week they turn blue, but are brand new. It is essential that board as soon as dry. Pallet and used coniferous and deciduous woods, but they both quickly fade. Of course, the wood does not lose properties, and loss of color does not affect the strength of the board, but lost its presentation, which may reduce the price of finished products. Thus, the storage of finished products should be placed under canopy to the tree did not fall nor rain, nor sun. Regulation of production of pallets.

In Russia, production of pallets is regulated by two basic documents: GOST 9078 – 84 and GOST 9557-87. GOST 9078 – 84 has a common format and describes the existence of the tray and that they can be made of wood. There are no rigid attachment to pallet dimensions to the number of nails to the thickness of boards, except in the sizes and 1200h800mm 1200h1000mm. According to GOST 9078 – 84 under identified two dimensions you can do anything. GOST 9557 – 87 is more rigid and almost identical to the European standard UIC 435-2 for the production of pallets. The only difference between pallets, manufactured in Russia, from European standards – is the lack of stamps and EUR EPAL.

Passenger Services

“To produce timely and quality car cleaning shops, toilets, garbage bins.” Incidentally, the toilets were the island, flooded with dirty water. Lack of soap toilet paper, and even more paper towels or other devices for wiping hands (indeed, if there is no soap, why a towel) during the trip was seen as a matter of course. Details can be found by clicking Howard Schultz or emailing the administrator. Especially after the handler has issued a complete surprise exclamation on the issue of toilet paper: “Are you the paper did not take with me?” “But the paper should be included in the ticket price!” “The next time you take it with you” – cute recommend conductor, pulling out a small piece of the bins.

“In order to control passenger services, identify gaps and avoid conflicts trainmaster must periodically produce cars with bypass pre-announcement about it on the train network. ” On the boss will be discussed separately. 1.5 days for his trip none of the passengers in the car did not see. He probably ran late at night, and therefore did not notify. In unchanging over the years, the situation rules given above, seem to be anecdotal ridiculous. As absurd to say about that regularly wires smuggling (on our trip occurred fans – for the smoky Moscow, of course).

Goods purchased for low prices in Moldova and Transnistria, is distributed to passengers (will refuse – you, at the instigation of the conductor, “hackneyed” customs officers), and in the end of the trip is going again. So it was that in every third car in the fans of one brand. Passengers repeatedly ezdivshie in Moldovan trains, said that surprised them, actually nothing. “It was always,” “yes is useless to say something to them.” Such problems were in all cars. Even in the compartment air conditioning did not work, as I informed the head of the train, which, as I thought it was possible to call for help.


MEMBERS – is a versatile device that allows for perfect purity of garden and garage tools. You can use it to clear the tracks on your site, and also to bring your home or cottage in excellent form – a mini-sink provides the highest degree of cleaning of walls, facades, fences, etc. Such unpleasant domestic issues, like washing the stagnation in the sewers or cleaning garbage cans can be solved quickly and easily with Using this unpretentious staff. Mini-washing may be the best friend and assistant for motorists, motorcyclists or cyclists. One of the main advantages of mini-washes them are small and compact and mobility (which is perfectly combined with high efficiency). Before you buy a mini-sink, for a start, decide how often you will use it, and what types of pollution, it should be removed.

Based on these conditions, determine the performance and power mini-sink. Also one of the most important selection criteria are the size of the product. There are not only hand-held and compact mini-washing, but also the "floor" devices, with very high power. In the Russian market represented a huge range of mini-washes, most manufactured by different companies. Among them are: Karcher, Lavor Wash, Portotecnica, Faip, Delvir, IPC. Which of these vendors to choose – to decide you start to have selected the most mini-sink. The simplest mini-car wash will cost 110 – 200 Euro, the most popular models cost about 250 – 500, and the price of domestic mini-washing with hot water up to 1000 Euro.