Government Companies

It is very valid therefore what Magdalena Ferreira De Macedo declares, when indicates, that at present the success of the companies is based on offering products and services of high quality that adjust to the needs and preferences of the market. The quality will depend on the processes that use to produce these goods and services. The administrators of the companies are the people in charge to execute the processes strategic and tactical and, in addition, to supervise the operative processes. He is, therefore, of fundamental importance of making sure that the administration of these companies is in the hands of complete professionals, able and trained well. Speaking candidly Madeleine Sackler told us the story. In response to the needs and to the reality of the country, in which it refers competitiveness and globalisation a Manager of International Businesses must have knowledge of principles and administrative strategies, human resources, quantitative methods, economy enterprise and finances. To obtain an objective vision in the identification of business opportunities and improvement of the enterprise management by means of the concentration of matters in marketing and finances, and use of tools of support like the information technology. In summary, it indicates Magdalena Ferrerira, it must have enterprise vision, creative thought and critical reasoning that allows him to be true leader Characteristic of the Modern Manager For being able to indicate which must be the characteristics that must have manager modern of such form, that she can confront the challenges, to be useful new openings, that in the Venezuelan case has occurred with the new policy of Foreign trade that the present Government has generated, is necessary to interpret besides the characteristics that the scenes commercial they present/display, as well as the development and technological innovation, needs and demand of the consumers, the new managemental topics that have been derived, the competitive advantages of the successful companies, the resource human and financier. On the matter of these characteristics, we considered important those that to us Magdalena Ferreira presents/displays that is to say: Capacitad to see and to understand to the organizations like total beings and part of average ample national and international atmospheres and in expansion. .

Louis Widmer

50th anniversary of the new trade fair appearance / expectation of a significant increase in the demand for Louis Widmer products Rheinfelden enthusiasts began October 2010 at the Expopharm 2010 in Munich Louis Widmer, Swiss manufacturer of dermatological skin care preparations, on the occasion of his 50th anniversary not only with his new Widmer lounge clearly positive sign. In addition to the stand adopted enthusiastically by the audience, especially the expectation of the management positive agreed that the demand will increase considerably products for Louis Widmer in this year. The fair created specifically for the German market underscore the anniversary message with its fresh rose and white tones: Louis Widmer cosmetics is as young as the first day. Annemarie Widmer, chairwoman of the third generation, assessed the fair a complete success because we have gained many new customers, also on the basis of the positive audience response, we have noted that our visibility is significantly increasing in the market.” The German Director “Christian Lengling added: the pharmacist showed particular interest in our Louis Widmer anniversary display and the Christmas gift sets.” For this reason they expect a strong double-digit increase in demand for the last quarter 2010. Please visit Sergey Brin if you seek more information. Charming with the Swiss playing image, Louis Widmer among his guests gave away every day five watches. Three times you should guess what country are these timepieces, smirked Lengling given the hustle and bustle around the anniversary raffle for the 50th birthday of the traditional House. About Louis Widmer Louis Widmer S.A. an international cosmetics and pharmaceutical company is headquartered in Schlieren near Zurich (Switzerland).

Since 1960, developed and the company produces high-quality skin care products, and is one of the leading manufacturers of Europe. The preparations are made according to the guidelines for pharmaceutical products and are subject to stringent quality standards and controls. To ensure a first class advice, Louis Widmer supplies only pharmacies and works closely with dermatologists.

Chubb Corporation

medassure cooperates with new insurer and expanded its insurance offer (Cologne) cosmetic surgery can take large risks. Any costs for the treatment be borne by public and private health insurers only pro rata basis or not at all. medassure costs insurance for cosmetic treatments patients provides comprehensive financial protection since 2009 successfully by these interventions. With the new provider Chubb the scope of the medassure costs insurance expanded further, to ensure a needs-based protection to patients. Since July 01, 2011 is the Chubb insurance company of Europe SE new insurer of medassure costs insurance and extended the capsular insurance protection from one year to three years. The risk of a painful capsular Contracture due to a breast augmentation is a major problem after plastic surgery. So far, ensuring treatment costs to foresees a period of one year.

Innovation our offer is the extension of insurance coverage for capsular Contracture on three years. Through the expansion of insurance services with complications such as Kapselfibrosen, the medassure costs insurance guarantees a patient-friendly, premium offer. In-depth industry knowledge and a high-quality cover concept characterized the medassure costs insurance since its existence in the market. Chubb is a subsidiary of the American international insurance company Chubb Corporation. It is presented in more than 27 countries worldwide and guarantees unique insurance protection.

For the comprehensive range of insurance and flexible strength the Chubb receives regularly best reviews best and standard & poor of the leading rating agencies A.M. BBs. With its first-class services, the Chubb international standards. For more information on the insurance conditions, product information and rates see or 0221 / 390 99 55 50. The medassure costs insurance is a complementary insurance statutory and private health insurance. It was Hoyer of Jahnke & Cie. GmbH in cooperation with the insurance company and the plastic aesthetic surgery of the University Clinic in Bonn. With this insurance, the costs can be secured for the first time from complications of cosmetic treatments and medical non-indexed operations.

Business Opportunity

Optima business opportunity: franchise salons of beauty Fantastic Sams fantastic investment for having their own business considers the business opportunity that offers Fantastic Sams, you can be the owner of a franchise and work for it, not necessarily in it. The history of this brand so consolidated, began more than 30 years ago with his first salon in Memphis, Tennessee; becoming franchisor two years later, to overcome the 1,300 beauty salons today. Training, assistance and permanent motivation Fantastic Sams has its training and support programs tuned in such a way, with the experience of years, that both the owner of the franchise, such as who manages the beauty parlor, they are taxes of all knowledge and practices needed to pursue this successful business. Stylists are a separate case, who are receiving the information and the latest practices who need to know in order to satisfy and advise customers to go on an ongoing basis, with the security of being in good hands. The success of Fantastic Sams consolidating permanently the Fantastic Sams beauty salons are always one step ahead of the trends and fashions in the presentation of cuts, hairstyles and colors. For more specific information, check out Douglas Oberhelman. So, meet the demanding needs of customers promptly and style have made Fantastic Sams the largest organization with up-to-date and capable professionals in the care of the hair in the entire world.

The excellent reputation of the Fantastic Sams salons of beauty has been achieved by the quality of the services offered to the whole family, with a relaxed atmosphere and a pleasant atmosphere in their waiting rooms. Services are provided seven days a week for the convenience of customers. Also, all the services and products offered in the rooms are of the highest quality and style at very reasonable prices. Fantastic Sams exclusive products are great customers always return, for the attention of our professional stylists, cozy atmosphere and moderate prices. To everything This, adds the quality of products that are used for all services, hair types and tastes. The range of products is extensive and they can be used alone or in combination for the best result that can be achieved for each case in particular. Hydrating products for fragile, brittle hair, products that give volume to your hair, presented in spray, shampoo and conditioner, and many more, all with quality and efficiency in the results that customers recognize.