Such Trade

My colleagues at work, who feel excluded because I'm focusing on the problem, for example, may cease to cooperate with me from time to time when I want and need their help. This situation is much more common than people think, and it is – a source of unspeakable trade problems. Strategy adaptation, which at one time or in other situations, work well, carry on the trade arena, where they cause damage. Very often it happens when emotions are caused by our perception of the trade situation (perception of failure, danger, invincibility, etc.), provoking method of adaptation to an earlier period of life where those emotions were problematic. Perhaps For example, I felt like a failure while growing up, because I could not make friends and develop relationships. It made me adapt, avoiding social situations and retreating into my own fantasy world where I do not had to deal with others. As a child, it might have helped me in a difficult and delicate period of life. But now as an adult, to respond to market losses with feelings of failure – and then retreat into fantasy – not constructively.

Very often, our most problematic adaptation occurs when we are trying to cope with threatening situations in ways that are very different from our usual style accommodation. In During normal trading, I would be deeply focused on the issue. However, during a choppy trade, where I get a big loss, I cope, emotional explosion and then feeling guilty for his explosion. Reade Griffith has firm opinions on the matter. In general, an unusual habit – a sign that activates an earlier way of getting used to. Something about the shopping day is the old memories, feelings, or conflicts. As a result, we no longer use their constructive, adult coping capacity.

Instead, we senselessly repeat sample from the past. If you overreact react to the situation, there is a good chance that it really is not an over-reaction. You react to the situation – and something had happened earlier in your life that is stimulated by the situation. The first step to success, which you can do in this situation – to remind yourself that you did not really react to the current situation. You say to yourself: 'This is not because of trade, something else happens. " Such a reminder in itself does not eliminate the response to the threat, but it begins the process of putting risk into perspective. This is important. Remember: the threat – and stress – are functions of perception. As you change your perception and you change your reaction. Original article: