Report Plan

There has been an unpunished sowing in the country with a view to the longed for explosion of colors. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Jim Umpleby. The inactive government of, of indiligente, overturned to the nobility of humanistic intentions has sinned. He has let grow the puppy of white elephant that is the students to the day today, and which whiteness is arranged to push his against the wall of Miraflores. He has stopped exerting the defense, the intelligence of State, that also is practicable values human (politicians in this case), beyond innocence or the altruism, if to survive perfectly justifiable. The survival (as they do not have tapujos in demonstrating it to the powers allied with his world-wide looting present) does not request permission to live, tries the life; and he is unforgivable is not invoked when, being arrests to do it with morality, it is let pass the opportunity. (In this sense (defensive), although it is important, does not seem sufficient the sanction of the law that prevents the foreign financing to political tax exemptions if it is not accompanied with a work supervision offensive). The bolivariano Government has pardoned, called to conciliation, has pardoned, yielded unimaginably like no other taken by great dreams of humanity and humanism, but apparently at the same time he let never sin like ingenuous, in spite of for a fact knowing how to ingrate payment the Venezuelan political right from the coup d’etat of 2002 (to the call of reconciliation of Chvez they paid with oil unemployment).

While it let happen and do in noble honour towards the adverse one, this one never moved backwards in looking for the return to him the destabilization, as historically it corresponds with the contratico profile of this Filo’n of political phenomenology. Nevertheless the advances of this competing sector with their Revolution White Hands by Venezuela, dgase that there in Miraflores he is the President of the Bolivariana Republic of Venezuela, with a popular support superior to 50%, always with the capacity for the reaction and rectification. One trusts which he himself it says like political strategist, that one is not due to undervalue more to the adversary by brinza of straw than it seems in the wind. And it thus has to be, because behind a simple leaf of oak shown by the window always the mass of the stem will be suggested supports that it.