Metropolitan Filaret Reading

Violates the norms of behavior is acceptable to make comments a delicate manner, without the petulance and arrogance in the voice instructions. If you feel that you can not communicate with the offender order without irritation, better say nothing, but silently pray for enlightenment neighbor. It is unacceptable conduct conversations during the service. It is unacceptable move, buy, and put a candle, kiss the icons, harass other questions or requests to transfer a candle during the important moments worship: at the exit of the priest with the censer, while reading the Six Psalms, when setting out the Gospel and during his reading, while singing "Mercy of Peace" to the exclamation of the priest, "In the first you mark" during the singing of the Creed and the "Our Father", in removal of the Holy Chalice (Rubbing). During the Gospel reading, singing the Cherubic Hymn and the Eucharistic Canon Store reverent silence and concentrate on praying.

In many churches in such moments parishioners simply die out, you hear the slightest rustle in the temple. Even children are miraculously calming down. During the worship in the Orthodox Church, pray standing, and how you can sit in the presence of God, because we are in our prayers appeal to the King of kings, the Creator of the universe. You can only sit in the reading kathismata (Psalms) and paremias (readings from the Old and New Testament at Great Vespers in the great festivals and special days of commemoration of the saints venerated). Of course, allowed to sit very weak and sick, so that, as said Metropolitan Filaret (Drozdov): "It is better to think of God sitting than standing up – on his feet." But we can not sit with his legs crossed and legs outstretched.