Playing Guitar

WANT TO LEARN TO PLAY GUITAR? Let me tell you that I have several years of being in music world (here in Costa Rica) where I live, I have played in several bands. Also playing guitar and bass. I learned to play guitar because since childhood that was my wish. But it cost me much to learn, as I never had an instructor or teacher teach me; but as it was my desire. then had to see others play (nothing more than friends) and without if you want to have a guitar. Time passed and my 15 years my parents gave me my first guitar; an electric guitar.

Then, only knew me the chord of the and the Sun as you can watch couldn’t do much with it but with the passing of time I was learning techniques and chords, with friends who already played in other groups. To not tire you with the story… I say that truly me cost much learning, had to devise me them only learning what could go where outside. Once try to enter an Academy of music, but the cost was very high and because of my schedule of College made me unable to attend. But today have changed much already you don’t need to enter an Academy of music, I don’t need to pay money to learn. All you need is enthusiasm and desires to be able to interpret the music that you like. Now you don’t have to wait so many years (like myself) and rely on what others teach sporadically. It is now very easy.

I bought a course, because my knowledge were not yet very extensive. I had already played in bands (of Rock) and had much experience, but really this course I caught my attention and I decided to get it. and with all my experience and everything what I already knew. I tell you in truth. me di account that didn’t know much. I learned with this course an endless number of things that didn’t and now I can say that I play guitar. It is a very easy and practical system. Worth trying it don’t you think? Imagine:-you can learn to play the instrument that you’ve always wanted. -You can play on musical groups (if that is your wish) -You will learn to play like a professional and fast. -Without waiting for others you teach. and the best to the pace as you want. There are no limits. learning is very easy now. You do not give up and continued, achieving your goals, if you want to play guitar, go ahead and don’t stop. you have the ability to learn and will manage it with your effort. Thanks for reading my article. and I hope you have been helpful.