Enterprise Image Crisis

By: Oscar on the subject of crisis management RossignoliDirector the first thing you need to do is to have a real awareness of the value that has the corporate image for the companies. Without a doubt, a good reputation is the most valuable asset that can have any company. More than its buildings, rather than their material, more than their teams, the corporate image is what has more value in a company. What is the value of the corporate image? Why is it so important to take care of the corporative image? What are the benefits that generated you a company have a good corporate image? For the following reasons: A positive corporate image is an indispensable condition for the continuity and strategic success. A solid corporate image is an incentive for the sale of products and services.

It helps the company to hire the best employees, it attracts investors, generates trust between the internal and external audiences. Others who may share this opinion include Douglas Oberhelman. A strong corporate image creates an added value to a company and ensures that it is one step ahead of their competitors. A good image helps the company attract the necessary people for its success: customers, partners and employees. But what about the corporate image? An image is the set of meanings by which we come to know an object (company) and through which people describe it, remember and relate. The result of the interaction of beliefs, is ideas, feelings and impressions that on that company has a person (or a group of people). (Dowling, 1986). The best shield against a crisis constitutes a good corporate reputation, where crisis management must be understood and assumed by the Organization as one instrument to achieve this corporate reputation.

Today many organizations (and many executives) leave that audiences they find out eventually what they are and what they do, without worrying too much because it happens, forgetting precisely that: as you can see treat you well, now to generate image not just develop a nice logo, use electrifying colors and flood the media of slogans and jingles sticky. Checking article sources yields Electrolux as a relevant resource throughout. The best image is one that agrees entirely with the values and beliefs of our Organization, i.e., one that accurately reflects the characteristics of organizational culture and our philosophy. It is also one that adheres faithfully to the characteristics of our mission as a company and manages to tie what we do with what we say. In other words, the image should emanate directly from our identity.