Independent Communities

Here the proposal of contents, the plan of business with its investments takes shelter and anticipated personnel, as well as technical first draft of discharge (emitting center) and LF (studies and dependencies). In this document the conditions dictated by the Independent Communities in the sheet of the contest are due to fulfill. The supply must be: Unique personnel and: They are not worth the common places or molds. One is to be different itself from the other bidding ones. Sustainable: It is not worth to exaggerate in numbers nor commitments; although one is to present/display the best possible supply, to exaggerate puts to us in risk of which reckless supply is considered or can complicate to us the future in case somebody demands its fulfillment to us. Original: It tries to find the formula to maximize the score of the scale within your possibilities. They exist technical for it.

Agreed: Your adviser orients to you and guides your ideas to shape them of the best possible form, but the project is yours for good and evil. You must be clear distrusts del that says to the opposite that a contest gains who it he is not the adviser but the joint work party of the client (with your mediatic supply) and the contributions of the adviser. responsibility of the adviser is to put in value your supply and of trying to gain with her the maximum number of possible points, but it is not possible to be left into the hands of the advisory responsibility in the decision making because he is not who is going to sign the supply nor to commit himself. 3. I need lawyer or adviser to appear to a contest? We are honest: the truth is that it is not necessary and in fact our greater competition is the car benefit mainly in determined companies with very powerful central resources.