Moscow Region Tariffs

Most fares are zonal restriction Moscow and Moscow region, ie can talk unlimited in Moscow and Moscow region. Of course, there are tariffs in force and all over Russia but we now talk about the Moscow region. So, if you have a preference for one of the networks you will, of course, take advantage of the tariff that network, which is more acceptable to you, but nothing was said about the economic situation, developed in recent years.

In this situation, savings must be economical. Cellular network Megafon Moscow in support of entrepreneurship in the Moscow Region has launched a new tariff of Business 926. the cost of the fare from 1100 rubles VAT for one of two possible areas of its operation: Moscow and Moscow region. Of course, not without hidden surprises that are commonly prescribed for small print in all contracts. Isolate them in bold. In each zone there is restrictions on vygovorennym minutes. If you use the unlimited tariff Business 926 Megafon Moscow and hooked up to the example of Moscow area, it means that you can call in the aisles at the city’s and a mobile phone month without any restrictions, and the second not more than 2,000 minutes, with no complicated calculation is not more than 30 hours. Statistics by Megafon Moscow, 95% of subscribers do not pronounce the 2000 minutes per month.

This means that if you communicate primarily by Moscow, over 1,100 rubles a month you will receive one month of unlimited communication and the other 2000 minutes, so if you’re someone who does not pronounce 2000 minutes per month, this rate would certainly be very beneficial for you. However, if you are an active negotiator, there is another option – it is combined, ie one month to speak without restriction, and the following month to monitor, not to exceed 2,000 minutes. Then, respectively, once a month with no restrictions, etc. This scheme acts on the tariff zone of Moscow region. Next time. If you need a band, and Moscow and Moscow region, then your monthly fee will be 2200r./mes. VAT, and your limit will increase by the minute to 4000 minutes respectively, or 60 hours. But under this option pops up another pitfall. When connected areas of Moscow and Moscow region, calls from the Moscow region Moscow city phones charged! This is a very an important point and must be aware of. If you are in Moscow, calls to all mobile Moscow and Moscow and Moscow fixed-line phones are free. In general, if you are an active person and you live in Moscow or the Moscow region, the rate Business 926 Megafon Moscow created specially for you! Knowing the pitfalls of this tariff, you’ll save quite beneficial to their relationship. It should be noted that this rate established for individual entrepreneurs and organizations, but now have the opportunity to purchase this fare and individuals through the company’s brokers. : Write like this company, but the choice is yours undoubtedly not the main thing you should know exactly what time to save on communication. Main characteristics of the tariff business 926 you can see here.