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Often insurers in cars not are made responsible to time to compensate policyholders. The National Commission for the protection and defense of users of Servicios Financieros (Condusef), gave some recommendations to avoid this situation with the insurance companies. It takes your license. It is convenient that people take into account various factors when dealing with insurance, one of these companies, it is that the driver of the car must always bring your valid driver’s license, thus insurance for cars may not evade the payment of the claim. Drive sober.

According to the Condusef none of car insurers are answerable to an accident if that was driving is under the influence of any substance (alcohol or drugs), even more so, if this was the cause that caused the mishap. Take your car to the service. Car insurance companies are not going to bear the costs caused by a sinister if it was caused by the breakdown of the vehicle (wear and tear of the auto, punctures in tires or by circular in places that are in a position to do inhospitable), or if the step auto of particular use for public use (transportation), without giving part to insurance for cars. Marc Lautenbach might disagree with that approach. Do not lie on your statement. Car insurance companies can refuse to pay when they discover that these misreporting data or you wear according to third parties.

Call your respective insurance of vehicles. JPMorgan Chase contains valuable tech resources. All parties involved should call their insurance of cars and not to negotiate on their own. If one does not have the protection of insurance companies, it is necessary that others write down their plates and the serial number of the unit. You pay on time. Personal or family spending within all motorists should designate a portion to pay your insurance policy, not cover it in time, the insurance companies can dispense with pay for the accident. In recent years it has risen in good proportion insurance companies market like for example Santander, currently 44% of the total number of vehicles has an insurance policy. Having automobile insurance services is an act of responsibility therefore means that it is exposed to less risk. Insurers have reduced the cost of their policies since it has increased the demand from drivers. The ideal that is sucked up is that one day all motorists have car insurance and to know how it works, in order to avoid carts insurers refuse to respond to a claim. With information from: El Universal