Everyday Construction

Building renovation, demolition, a way to change. It is a core hole which is required for connections to the incorrect cutouts for Windows or doors, the remodeling of the Interior or structural measures in public. In the course of time, the everyday life of construction of has made easier! The technical achievements of today would make leaps into the air do allow some builders of yesteryear when you consider it was difficult or even impossible, subsequent changes after the completion of a building or a bridge to let. Where the workers at that time had an entire wall to tear down a suitable hole must only a round hole in the wall to get, will today at the concrete drilling machine using at lightning speed. Cutting concrete or concrete saw? Our ancestors would have shaken the head probably disbelief, but with the right tools, it is possible! Hammer and chisel of the past, when the saws made the cut for doors, Windows or stairs with wall saws and enable even shock – and dust-free work. While earlier were the pipes from the walls, are they become invisible thanks to joint cutting and again expose themselves too easily if necessary. Whether the carvers to edit concrete or another rock, it is impossible almost nothing. Cut joints not particularly exciting sounds in contrast to the core-drilling operation. Core drilling sounds wild, is nothing else but actually as a meaningful, vibration and vibration-poor way to get subsequent breakthroughs or recesses, without thereby attacking the structure of a building. Although technical progress are not always regarded as positive, in terms of the structural changes they have granted us so many seemingly insurmountable obstacles thanks to wire saws and the possibility of concrete drilling or coring out of the way, without being like a few centuries ago the human force to vanish under the weight!

What To Do When Water Damage?

Romanian leader for dehumidification and drying expands to Austria Vienna, March 15, 2010 – the company ProfTech consult is Romania’s market leader in the area of dehumidification and drying of walls and floors in private homes and on construction sites. The areas of activity of the company range from sales and rentals of dehumidification devices to concepts of drainage of construction sites. Site has similar goals. Now the team around Managing Director Marius Rarau from Vienna wants to tap into the Austrian market. Here especially the flexibility of services is important, so Rarau: we want our customers help to dehumidify walls and floors after water damage or desiccation of new construction. For them an individual concept and pay no more than necessary.” Rarau sees its main advantage in the quality of the advice.

We take the time that it takes to find the best solution for each case. Often it is not enough simply to a dehumidification unit “rent and to set up, just in case of water damage requires professional advice”. For cases with water damage after flooding or flood Prof-tech consult offers 24-hour service. But also new desiccation, insulation layer drying and mould fighting exists on how “. Carried out incorrectly or faulty drying can cause serious damage in the building as a result.

The outer insulation of a wall can be attacked by moisture. Order to determine damages in the wall and prevent mold growth, a moisture measurement is necessary. This is carried out on the ground and lays the Foundation of the dehumidification concept. Pipe fractures are a common reason for damp walls. Seen as a job, it applies as soon as possible to turn off the water supply. Small moist areas usually soon dry out. An installer can help with the repair of the defective tubes. There are major water damage and risk of damage to floor and wall substance a number of measures to bring about a drying. The simplest and even carried a dehumidification device. Other, more complex measures should be performed by professionals. On find customers useful information on the subject of dehumidification, reference samples, as well as access to rental and purchase equipment. Marius Rarau

The Association

As reasons, falling investment and savings from federal, State and local are called. “” With regard to the company, the forecasts are even more promising: 66% of respondents assess the views of the development within the company with very “up rather satisfactory”. 45% expect robust sales, 19% expect even increases. Despite general skepticism the entrepreneurs are so optimistic about the future. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Jim Umpleby. Also it was to be understood as pointing out, so Wolschner that the companies despite the General uncertainty on the track are. Stable employment situation the employment conditions complete this positive image: 71% of the respondents, that the situation will remain the same, 12% expect to that employee numbers will rise even more.

Similarly, with the training: 46% of the companies up to 10 apprentices train, 74 of them in production. Also here is the location very stable, 19% anticipate even a rise of trainee numbers are of that 6% more than at the last evaluation. Also, the optimistic approach of the VoB shows members. About the VoB the Association of Austrian concrete and precast works (VoB) headquartered in Vienna represents the interests of all companies of concrete precast industry in Austria. He supported as independent trade association its members both in technical and product-related issues and sees itself as a (knowledge) platform and mouthpiece for the industry. The Association founded in 1956, with currently 70 member companies, sees its main tasks primarily in the promotion of quality assurance, the development of new applications of products, as well as the scientific and didactic processing of industry-relevant topics. The Austrian concrete and precast works generate a turnover of more than EUR 700 million a year and employ more than 4,000 people in about 100 companies. Thus, this powerful counts Industry, with its broad product portfolio, to the most important industries in the construction sector.

Architecture, Which Offers Help: Impact Of Structural Measures On Elderly Visually Impaired

Due to the demographic development, the Planner inevitably deal with the structural measures in terms of accessibility. Details can be found by clicking Douglas R. Oberhelman or emailing the administrator. But is this idea for Sinneseingeschrankte enough, for example, for visually impaired and blind people people? To be old, the social phenomenon in our society today is still a variety of Stigmatas. When still a disability makes it difficult getting older, the thought of it allows a little positive Outlook. But the topic is from point of view of demographic trends continue to gain momentum, as the worldwide increase of see injured seniors is among other things to the phenomenon of an ageing society and the increase in life expectancy. The WHO estimates that we have about 1.2 million blind and visually impaired in Germany alone. Nearly two-thirds which the group from Zigmund 60 year olds. Howard Schultz may also support this cause. The remaining third is the growing age group aged 80 and over. So those who might spend their last phase of life in old people’s homes and residences must.

For as long as possible within your own four walls independently the pace of his life to follow the trend, remains many older ver again. To raise awareness of the issue, the United Nations has the international day of white stocks on October 15, 1969″launched. The feast dates back to President Lyndon B. Johnson, five years earlier, white long canes of blind people had passed symbolic act on October 15, 1964, in a. Exactly this day is the final day of the week of seeing for more than 20 years in Germany. Many organizations use this as an opportunity, on the problems and to make aware challenges blind and visually damaged people. Accessibility a specific architecture? The focus of the age structure to respond to, the question is beyond any doubt, as senior centers be designed to improve the care and support see damaged nursing? Most people know the situation: in a complex building a specific To find place can be the challenge, not only for blind and visually impaired people.

Choosing Office Furniture

How to choose office furniture? All who encountered this problem, surely there is a lot of their own ideas and a lot of advisers. You will want all the furniture would look like new for at least several years, but Thus you would not mind throwing her when she loses appeal, or simply out of fashion. Designers will tell you what forms and colors are harmonious, the environmentalists – the need to use simple natural materials, medicine – the ergonomics requirements imposed on the furniture. All will be right, but this problem usually has only a theoretical solution. Each buyer chooses the furniture according to the profile activities, with his taste, given the size of the premises and their financial capabilities. But it turns out that there are a number of general requirements for any office furniture: – First, the reliability in use (it will probably be used much more intensively and less carefully than any other furniture for the home), – Second, the versatility of design because only a small part of it will have a permanent owner or avoid changes in the other room – Third, convenience, reliability and attractiveness of the exterior. This will allow you and your staff happy to get to work and were reluctant to leave the workplace, and the cost is negligible compared to the benefit of increase the attractiveness of your office. – Fourth, a wide range of subjects in this series of office furniture.

Perhaps now you buy a simple and very small package, but then you need to modify the working place, install the new computer equipment and you should be sure to have a lot of variety of designs in the series (tables curvilinear forms, tables and cabinets with doors, hatchback, stands for office equipment, file boxes, etc.) For this reason, try to deal with companies with a solid reputation and long-term plans for the future. – Fifth, check the productive capacity of those who offer you office furniture. You may be a need for special individual designs or revision of furniture. This option is best to anticipate and discuss in advance. In a first approximation, office furniture is divided into "corps" (tables, cupboards, cabinets, etc.). and "soft" (chair, chairs, sofas). The above-mentioned principles of selection of furniture are common to these two groups, however, there are specific advice.


Ask the manufacturer (this shop furniture can not do) to replace the standard mattress for high density and hard. What if he agrees? Mechanism "of daily sleep," appeared recently, and despite the high price, steady demand throughout the world. Its main difference between these mechanisms – the presence of spring mattress, 12-14 cm thick on the couch with this mechanism can actually sleep, and not just the guests … Nevertheless, despite the presence of a spring mattress, this mechanism (as well as all of the following) gives a normal bed. "French" clamshell mechanism involves the use of options as a guest. This furniture, which occasionally need to sleep guests.

It does not designed for everyday use. If you plan to use the sofa for daily sleep, pay attention to the class mechanism and the mattress, which should be (ideally) of elastomeric foam, latex or spring unit. "Book" or "click-klyak." One of the most simple and reliable mechanisms. Allows you to place it under a seat roomy niche for linen. The mechanism has no moving or rotating parts, and they come out system in the first place. Remember the old "good" Soviet sofas in which the mechanism of transformation was the only? "Click-klyak", and the sofa converts into a bed.

Very often, unfortunately, these sofas pronounced just "click", and "klyak" was obtained from the second or third time. Despite its simplicity, the quality of the mechanism was far from perfect. Now on the market are reliable and quality mechanisms for sofas type "book", not only domestic but also overseas. However, domestic manufacturers practically apply the mechanism of transformation. Perhaps due to the fact that mass production of poor-quality upholstered furniture in the "old good times "has beaten off all the buyer want to buy" books. " "Withdrawable". One of the most popular and reliable mechanisms. Sleeper "rolls out" from under the sofa. This mechanism is important that the part framework, which goes on the top spot, was made of solid wood (pine tree in the movie would push the groove). Even better, if you are using all-metal frame. Pay attention to the material from which produced videos, as well as on their diameter (the more – the better). Faulty or improperly installed can jam the mechanism. Note the smooth operation. "Dolphin". This mechanism is used mainly models for the angular furniture. The front portion extends the method of "lifting the loop," and pulls for an extra seat cushion, which is a component of the bed. Box for bed linen is hidden, as generally not in the "Dolphin" and the angular unit. Notice how easily you could open a sofa. A good mechanism allows it to do without effort (or almost no effort). "Accordion". Accordion he called in Europe. We have it – an accordion. This design sofa unfolds forward on a "bunching". (According to the magazine myth)