Reducing Costs

In a state of uncertainty about prospects for the business owner often has to go to lower operating costs. This happens not only because of the decline in production or sales, but also because impossibility of planning. The head can not predict the revenues of future periods and prefer to save today. Due to the fact that in recent years, labor costs greatly increased and the cost of staff occupy a large share of the cost of goods or services, companies are trying, first, to reduce the staff of non-core units. Based on statistics on imports and exports, it can be argued that in recent years has increased the number of companies engaged in foreign trade operations on an irregular basis. For such companies include foreign economic department in the face of economic uncertainty – Is not highly relevant. Existence of its own experts on foreign trade in economic growth was to some extent exponent in the relationship with a foreign partner. In many, even small company builds the scheme of foreign trade transactions with the division into departments of purchasing, logistics, customs clearance.

Now the first step beyond economic efficiency. In this regard, Many companies carry such non-core activity as fea to outsourcing. A lot of the prerequisites for this creates and the general decline in foreign trade. Many economic structures has been a sharp decline foreign trade, making the presence of their own divisions on foreign trade unprofitable. This led to frequent cases of dissolution before the effective units. Thus, we see that the crisis has aggravated the need for more balanced decision-making organizational policy business.

If you are facing a choice of one's own department or refer to the outsourcing company, try analyze the maximum number of influencing factors.

Anti-crisis Behavior

Any crisis situation – a fertile ground for the growth of nervousness, which fades into a panic. Decision-making in these circumstances – the solid work on themselves – from the first reaction of harsh actions to stop all problems to the so difficult giving really verified solutions, confirmed subtle economic calculation. However, it is from these early decisions in a crisis depends on the future of the company. In any event guide company should focus on an integrated approach to address the situation. Now the large Russian companies have already announced the introduction of anti-crisis programs and strategies to reduce costs. Time for them "H" the time has come.

What do small and micro enterprises for which has not yet reached the peak of the crisis? Try to formulate the basic steps that are worth paying attention to the current situation: 1) Adjustment Strategy 2) Monitoring and cost reduction 3) Debt Collection and reorganization reserves 4) Review of capital investments 5) The search for alternative sources of funding 6) Increase sales 1. Adjustment Strategy Current market situation makes adjust plans and strategies that were relevant all but a few months ago. Perhaps check out Jonas Samuelson for more information. At first we need to concentrate on the most important components of the strategy: – Financial and economic parameters of the company – financial flows and indicators, output, tax payments, the use of labor resources, the profitability of each activity, and others. – The situation in the market and marketing – competitiveness of enterprises in crisis and the possible consequences in the event of deteriorating market conditions, the cost of business relationships with contractors, the presence of loyal partners, existing and potential funding sources, etc.