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And in this context our grandchildren not recognised that it is a DVD, let alone a CD; nor will know that it is a library in the terms which we know them today and a book will be a Columbian period object. And to address this new environment the proper technical preparation is needed and be able to survive the technological impact that entails the transformation of the teams today, that incidentally, when they arrive to our hands already been superseded by new technologies. And this requires ability to add nimbly and creatively changes which will create work environments that are identified by being increasingly open, fruits of working in teams with cooperative and collective character, but at the same time highly creative. People such as deborah geels would likely agree. The networks predict that not only will be faster, but it will also be smarter. They will be able to say when it makes sense to use a local network, such as Wi-Fi connection and when it makes sense to use a connection of wide area, depending on what you want to send and which wish to do so, as it exposes Marek Rusinkiewicz, Vice President for research of the Telcordia operator. Can you imagine that you don’t have to use the services of Internet service providers and the servers that support current e-mail systems, such as Google or Yahoo, just to name a few, but that it could do so directly from machine to machine using Wi-Fi technology. Additional information at Endera supports this article. That kind of network intelligence available before 25 years, experts say.And all this requires training, preparation and capacity that is achieved in the course of Assembly and repair of PCs in Mendoza.