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It is very valid therefore what Magdalena Ferreira De Macedo declares, when indicates, that at present the success of the companies is based on offering products and services of high quality that adjust to the needs and preferences of the market. The quality will depend on the processes that use to produce these goods and services. The administrators of the companies are the people in charge to execute the processes strategic and tactical and, in addition, to supervise the operative processes. He is, therefore, of fundamental importance of making sure that the administration of these companies is in the hands of complete professionals, able and trained well. Speaking candidly Madeleine Sackler told us the story. In response to the needs and to the reality of the country, in which it refers competitiveness and globalisation a Manager of International Businesses must have knowledge of principles and administrative strategies, human resources, quantitative methods, economy enterprise and finances. To obtain an objective vision in the identification of business opportunities and improvement of the enterprise management by means of the concentration of matters in marketing and finances, and use of tools of support like the information technology. In summary, it indicates Magdalena Ferrerira, it must have enterprise vision, creative thought and critical reasoning that allows him to be true leader Characteristic of the Modern Manager For being able to indicate which must be the characteristics that must have manager modern of such form, that she can confront the challenges, to be useful new openings, that in the Venezuelan case has occurred with the new policy of Foreign trade that the present Government has generated, is necessary to interpret besides the characteristics that the scenes commercial they present/display, as well as the development and technological innovation, needs and demand of the consumers, the new managemental topics that have been derived, the competitive advantages of the successful companies, the resource human and financier. On the matter of these characteristics, we considered important those that to us Magdalena Ferreira presents/displays that is to say: Capacitad to see and to understand to the organizations like total beings and part of average ample national and international atmospheres and in expansion. .

Kislovodsk Waters – Indications For Treatment

After years of research has developed a variety of contemporary understanding of the conditions of formation and release carbon dioxide to the surface waters in the area, dubbed 'Kislovodsk deposit of mineral water. " Until 1928 Narzan was the only mineral source in Kislovodsk. Later Kislovodsk deposit of mineral water has increased significantly both due to launch some new and valuable heavy mineral waters in the Kislovodsk, and as a result of successful exploration of new carbon capture and mineral waters in the areas of river valleys Berezovka Olkhovka and Podkumka. Separated in the first 8 km south of the resort center, the other two are located on the outskirts of Kislovodsk and at are essentially part of Kislovodsk field. Kislovodsk narzans belong to the group balneologic carbonic water, and differ only in size and mineralization ratio of major ions that allows us to define them in three main groups. The first group includes the source Narzan, well 5/0-bis number, as well as water and Berezovsky Podkumskogo sites. Oligo (about 2 g / liter) of water in this group are characterized by sulfatno-bicarbonate calcium-magnesium-ion-salt composition with varying content of sodium ions.

Are used for spa purposes and bottling. Spa treatments The second group is the type of water Dolomite mineral water (borehole 7,5 / 0,12), which differ from the first group of more water salinity (about 5.0 g / l), including by increasing the concentration of sodium and chloride, and a high content of carbon dioxide ( more than 2.0 g / l). Used in treatment for drinking purposes and connected to the pump-room Narzan gallery (hole number 7) and pump-room round (well number 5 / 0 and 12). Third group of water such as sulphate mineral water with a salinity of 5,2-6,7 g / l, mainly due to higher concentrations of sulfates of magnesium and sodium. Carbonated water and Podkumskogo Olhovsky sites (well number 5-NG, 115-E, 115-bis), also belong to the sulfate type waters, but, unlike the latter, in which sodium sulfate prevail over magnesium sulfate. Water source number 5-NP placed upon the People's pump room (Alikonovskaya beam), and the well 115-E and 115-bis – to sanatoriums 'Pine Forest' and 'Rainbow'.

An important role in the further development of the resort and planning resort building construction mineraloprovoda played by which carbon dioxide comes in Kislovodsk water (narzans) Kuma field (the village of Krasny Vostok 43 km from Kislovodsk). Kuma narzans on ion-salt composition and degree of mineralization (7.8 g / l) close to the hot narzans Pyatigorsk, differing from them by a lower content of sulfate. The concentration of carbon dioxide in them – about 1.5 grams / liter. These cold water and iron. In the undiluted form used for drinking purposes, and when mixed with the waters of the central Kislovodsk (source Narzan, well 5 / 0 and partially 5/0-bis) and Berezovsky (well number 7-B) bis sites – for balneotherapy. The total yield of sources and Kislovodsk water from the Kuma field is 3767 ml / day (maintenance and inferred reserves, approved by the State Reserves Committee). Available stocks of mineral water (drinking and spa) allowed considerably increase capacity. Seats at the resort by 1986 had risen to 15.2 thousand compared to 10.2 thousand in 1980, the total number of cases treated at the resort in 1990 amounted to 252.5 thousand. Schedule of trains Kislovodsk