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We have long heard official exhortations to production for export. In a question-answer forum Sergey Brin was the first to reply. And we can ensure that an operation of foreign trade is extremely complex. This means that export (or import) requires a complex structure of marketing, in addition to volumes of production and quality control. On the other hand, if it is difficult to win a local or domestic market, to a greater extent, is like entering a foreign market. But let foreign trade or the interior of large volumes for production and marketing structures, that is very suitable in the country. Remember, as stated above that many people do not have at least for the time employability in these structures or perhaps take part.

It is in this extensive area, which takes value the concept of Home Economics. Because not everybody have read our work on the subject, it is worth remembering that the concept includes activities such as urban gardens, raising domestic animals, making bread and pasta, candy making, canning and sausage. The making, patching and mending of clothing and footwear, and activities such as child care and health prevention. Promote the benefits of Home Economics, means of systematic, unsystematic and parasympathetics the education system and media. It is most auspicious on the environment know that Argentine public and private initiatives are oriented in the sense that here we favor. The idea is to give them more coverage. The first impression is that the medium and small towns and rural areas are more prone to the spread of Home Economics.

Financial Market

Fogos blows up, bells tingles, you strap an extract of its account nobanco and wants to frame! you start to sweat, its heart chacoalhamais that the deaf person of the battery of the school of samba in the Anhembi, of pensarque you only go to be able to buy some thing! Nothing of this! If you were intelligent the sufficient one to obtain to be in the blue one, keep the step and invest! Or he saves! Or he reads here the difference between the two. But he makes a force and he keeps. But to keep where, you must be if perguntando Then. This exatamente one of intentions of this site: to show as the world financeirofunciona, and, more necessarily through that he speaks to you, to show-lhescomo to choose. (A valuable related resource: Howard Schultz). The financial market! Necessary to take bag, or them they have stand of purchases? Nor one, nor another one. The Financial Market> to vender to the diversosagentes of the economy products that take care of to them to the necessities pordinheiro. That is, you, with its gaita, want that it turns money still more, certain? But has people and for people it also reads companies that it needs money, therefore do not possess sufficiently. What todoseles makes? They appeal the diverse companies who supply these services, since making its money to relieve, until loaning money who needs. However a mount of agents is part of this market, will quaistentaremos them to all to clarify here in all posts in the Hotmoney, as well as asopa of letrinhas of the products of this market.

Structural Informality

4) to become complete the agreement of the informal sector, it has that to become the distinction between the Structural Informality and the New Informality of the work relations. According to Duailibe (2010), small informal firms will perpetually go to multiply in the economy, in the measure where the predominance in the informality? is also included the maintenance of used under informal employment relationships? it constitutes a mechanism of adequacy (suppression) of the costs to the minimum conditions of yield and productivity, in an environment of competitiveness with bigger, more productive firms. This is the call Structural Informality, whose structural character is determined … for the formation dynamics and reproduction of the informal segment? in terms of it arrives in port minimum of capital, productivity, standards of competition and yield? that it hinders the accumulation of the capital, allowing simply its maintenance in the same initial conditions. Jonas Samuelson will not settle for partial explanations. (DUAILIBE, 2010, p.89) In other words, to remain itself in informal state implies in reduced costs, that in turn, are the only form of survival of these firms in the market.

‘ ‘ For the proprietors/employers of the informal segment, the degradation of the cost of the work is aspect on which they have to be able of management and that it contributes for its permanence in mercado’ ‘. (DUAILIBE, 2010, p.89) Another point that deserves prominence is the question of the New Informality, concept introduced for Tavares (2004). Duailibe (2010) affirms that beyond informality in the inherent employment relationships to the informal segment of the economy, from the decade of 1990, the deep transformations verified in the performance of the State, in the objectives of economic policy, the productive organization and the forms of management of the work force, had determined the sprouting of the New Informality. Tavares (2004) directly associates the reduction of the job in the averages and great companies, to the phenomena of precarizao of the terceirizao and decurrent employment relationships of the promoted flexibilizao and the deregulation in the scope of the neoliberal productive reorganization during the decade of 1990.

Treasurer Management

Treasury responsibilities fall within the areas of decision more commonly associated with financial management: investment (preparation of capital, management of pension budgets), finance (banking and commercial banking relationships of investment, investors, dividend payout ratios) and administration of assets (cash and credit management). The chart that is displayed in page 2 can the false impression that there is a clear separation between the responsibilities of the Treasurer and the controller. (E) a company that works well, the information between the two branches will easily flow from one part to another. In small enterprises functions of the Treasurer and the controller can concentrate on one position, resulting in a mix of activities. MANAGEMENT of cash and values NEGOTIABLE cash and securities management is one of the areas most important capital management of work. As both are assets more liquids of the company, may constitute the long term the ability to pay the Bills at the time of its expiration.

As collateral, these liquid assets can also work as a reserve of funds to cover unexpected expenditures, thus reducing the risk of a crisis of solvency. Given that other current assets (accounts receivable and inventory) will finally become effective through the collection and sales, cash is the common denominator that all liquid assets can be reduced. Marketable securities are investment instruments for short-term business administration uses to obtain yields about temporarily idle funds. Howard Schultz may also support this cause. When a company experiences an excessive accumulation of cash, using a part of the as a generator instrument of interests. Certain interests obtaining highly liquid systems to the company perceive utilities on idle cash, without for that reason to sacrifice part of their liquidity. EFFICIENT cash management the basic strategies to be followed by companies in regard to cash management are as follows: 1.-cover the accounts payable it later as possible without damaging the credit standing of the company, but taking advantage of any cash discounts that are favourable. 2 Using the inventory it more quickly as possible, in order to avoid stocks which could result in the closure of the production line or in a loss of sales.

3.-Collect outstanding accounts as more rapid as possible without losing future sales because too pressing debt collection procedures. Discounts may be used for prompt payment, be economically justifiable for achieving this objective. The global implications of these strategies can become manifest noting housing cycles and rotation of cash. EFFECTIVE management strategies the effects of implementing each of the strategies mentioned above for the effective management of the box, below is how it affects a company: delay of accounts payable-a strategy that used some companies is that they delay their accounts payable, i.e. they pay their debts as late as possible without damaging your credit reputation. It is important to note that although this is a financially attractive strategy, it brings with it an ethical conflict, as this may cause an infringement by the company in agreement with your provider. It is clear that this will not have a good image of a customer who deliberately postponed the payment of merchandise or equipment.

Complementary Providence

The sentence of 4 Pole of the Work of So Lus, pronounced for the female judge Solange Cristina Steps of I castrate, considered that only the Deliberative body of the entity could promote the removal. The Fascemar is responsible for the complementation of the retirement of about 600 pensioners of the Cemar, beyond receiving contributions from 1.200 employed ones that they are in the active. By this reason, the resources that are applied under its responsibility must be kept in conditions of security and yield that they assure the complementation of the current pensioners and of that they will go to retire in the future. The concentration of investments in an only financial institution was considered very risky for the company Risk Office, who analyzes the risk of the investments carried through for the deep ones of private providence, beyond disregarding the rules of the Secretariat of Complementary Providence, reasons for which the direction of the Fascemar if had refused to transfer to R$ 40 million its applications to the Pactual Bank, company of where came the vice-president of the Cemar, Carlos Pianni, and the integrant one of the Advice of Administration, Gilbert Sayo. The pensioners of the Energy Company feared that this concentration of resources in the Pactual Bank could represent a risk for the patrimony of the Fascemar, therefore the Bank arrived to offer an application without collection of administration tax, to the similarity of what he made the Bank Saints to the eves of the intervention for the Central banking. The officers of Justice had been in the Cemar to assure the reintegration of the managing president, but the company only received the summon, without accomplishing the return of Antonio Euzbio. The forwarding of the female judge foresees fine of a wage of the president per each day of descumprimento of the decision. The decision to reintegrate Antonio Euzbio was commemorated by the Association of the Pensioners of the Cemar and for the Union of the Urbanitrios of the Maranho.A RiskOffice it has as the one of its partners economist and consultant Marcelo Rabbat, specialized at risk of Credit and Risk of Market, that also is managing of the PR& , The consultoria one of investment..

Future Contracts

The future contracts are negotiated in stock market of futures (Former: BM& FBovespa, CBOT, etc). When the involved ones make a negotiation, define the price for purchase and sales, knowing that the contract is standardized and is related to one determined active one, for ' ' entrega' ' in determined date. On the delivery valley an exception: many assets are not related the physical delivery, then we go to start to speak in expiration of the future contract. Former: Mini future Contract of Dollar. Nobody has that to deliver the amount of dollar or to receive the amount in the date from the expiration, the adjustments and rightness are made financially.

The same it happens with contracts of future (mini or full) of the index of the So Paulo stock exchange. The price of negotiation of the future contract tends to converge to the price of the market the sight (SPOT). A future contract creates an obligation between the involved parts. Who purchase and who vende are obliged to fulfill with its parts in the contract. Thus the two parts can exert its right in the date of maturity. But the parts do not need to take its contracts until the expiration, being able to negotiate its position before the expiration.

To negotiate contracts future an account in one must be had authorized broker for the stock market of futures. The negotiation of future contracts can be made with a part of the value of the negotiated contract, through initial edge and of maintenance, that is defined by the stock market, to give guarantee that who is operating it can fulfill with its part. In such a way, the operator obtains to alavancar its financial position, being able to control contracts, to the times, nine times bigger that its position deposited in the broker (he depends on the Stock market and the contract).

Fernando Lovisotto

According to Fernando Lovisotto, director of the RiskOffice, this change in the investments will have of being made in short term, therefore the alternative, that would be the reduction of the atuariais goals is very expensive and slower. The deep ones already had made small reductions, since had obtained to accumulate, surplus since 2002 on account of an excellent performance in stock market. But this positive scene for the investments hardly goes to happen again itself in the next years. Since 2006, the goal was reduced, in a weighed average calculation for patrimony, of 6% for 5,8%. For this they had been expenses between R$ 10 and 20 billion, they esteem Lovisotto. At this rate, the system would need something between R$ 40 billion and R$ 80 billion to reach atuarial goal of 5% to the year.

Although these challenges, in this year the performance of the entities has been positive, points Guillermo Benites, manager of the consultoria. In accordance with survey of the RiskOffice, that folloies a sample of 139 plans of benefits, until June the global return was of 8,79%. In the first semester, the Ibovespa marked 37.06% and the CDI accumulated 5,35%.Ainda according to statisticians of the consultoria, in June, the medium one of the global yield of the plans was below of the main atuariais goals and the CDI. The yield was of 0,3% in the last month. But 3% of the plans had gotten real return above of 6% and 7% had only obtained profits superiors 5%, already deducted the inflation measured for the INPC. Little 30% had more than had negative yield in ms.*Marcelo Rabbat are managing of the PR& , The specialized company at risk of Credit, Risk of Mercado and Consultoria de Investimento.

The Actions

The State is basing as an organization patriarcalno exactly model of the family nuclear.a economy not if disciplinaindependente became one behind, therefore this was not possible before, was necessary social umaestrutura where the individual interest in the good ownership surpassed ointeresse for the preservation of social relations. The economy seems to depend not-economic deinstituies to become possible while science this, the thesis is defended by authors of the economic anthropology the creation daeconomia of market inverts the situation of the economy, that before was submersana ethical action of each citizen, and now starts to determine the actions of the prpriasociedade the economy more does not depend on an ethical consideration of the actions, masa society of masses depends on the economy to multiply the market is entendidocomo auto-regulated system where pursuing only its personal interests they offer and demandammercadorias, and the decisions on what and how much to produce they only leave dasexpectativas of I earn, and not more than a social necessity is as one sincroniapr-established between the human desires was had and the maintenance of the society demassas, but such affirmation today finds diverse on the part deantroplogos and sociologists critical the economy as science it cuts to the bow between aohumana and the ethics, but the work nopode to be a merchandise, therefore it is the proper activity human being, the land is aprpria nature, and also it cannot be treated as merchandise, this questesso originally philosophical, but they had been taken off of the discussooriginal scope the pretension of the economy of being a science must be debated, to podehaver a serious reducionismo in the bedding of the economy while science, outrosautores still defend that the economy alone can be understood if be fortomada correctly as part of the ecology, that is, as human being was about the exchange of eenergia substance inside of the system. Considering that the activity estisolada human being of the activity of the other species of the planet, this would not be a boasugesto, however the trend is that the economic vision if extends to explain opapel of each organism of the planet in function of the maintenance of the civilization. Ouseja, to place a economic value in each process that is part of the life ea then formulates to complete it of the organic functioning of the market. It still fits acrtica to the trend to become the economy somewhat derived and dependent of ummoralismo, or supposedly inherent a moral system to the man. It the validity of such moralista vision necessidadeou also is a quarrel of the field dafilosofia.

So Paulo

In May, finally, the creation of jobs came back to increase in clear way, strengthening the perspective of that the recovery it formal job will have continuity. The industry was the sector of the economy that led the worsening of the market of work in the 2008 end and is also that one in which the acts of contract if have recouped more slowly. This behavior is on to the fact from that it suffers more than what the too much sectors with the fall of the exportations and the done cuts of production aiming at to allow a reduction of the supplies. The adjustment of supplies advanced sufficiently in the majority of the segments of industry in the last months, but over all in the segment of industrial goods it seems not yet to still have if completed – the one that will be able to keep slow, for some months, the recovery of the industrial job. The analysis for regioPela first time in this year, all the regions of the country had had creation of ranks of work with signed wallet. So Paulo was the State that registered the biggest number of acts of contract, adding 44,5 a thousand new legalized employees. In the gathered of the year, 112 a thousand formal jobs in So Paulo had appeared, also the biggest number of acts of contract between the States of the country.

In the month passed, as Been that more it contracted was Minas Gerais, with 37,5 a thousand. The Paran appears in third place, with 11.682 new ranks. The sector of services was what more it pulled the job in So Paulo, with the generation of 17,8 a thousand ranks. After that, the farming activity in the State contracted 16,9 a thousand employed with wallet signed. Although all the regions to have generated jobs in May, nine States they had had more resignations that acts of contract: Alagoas, Amazon, Par, Amap, Maranho, Rio Grande of the North, Sergipe, Santa Catarina and Rio Grande Do Sul.